the munchkin’s nursery nook

Remember this post? Well, I finally got to implement some of those plans, and the result is here:

the munchkin's nook.

We’ve been slowly working over the last few months to convert our closet into a little nursery nook for the munchkin. It’s not a big room at all (maybe 5’x8′), so it doesn’t have room for a lot of the “normal” nursery accoutrements (e.g. a glider), but I’m still so delighted with the little space we’ve created for our munchkin. We’re planning to use a co-sleeper at first, so this room won’t actually see a ton of use (other than for storing stuff and diaper changes) for a few months, but it makes me happy to have it done.

The dresser is mine from when I was a kid (and still has my clothes in it because there’s nowhere else to put them). The white shelving unit was in the closet before. You can barely see it, but our hanging diaper bag (from PlanetWise) is on the opposite wall – this saves us floor space over having an actual diaper pail. We put in the corner shelves yesterday, which turned out to be more difficult than anticipated given how non-square our walls are. The crib is an IKEA Somnat. The gorgeous baby quilt hanging over it is from my friend Kris (and another little scrappy quilt from C is on top of that!). The crib is currently full of stuff that needs to find a better home. The wall art (monster and robot prints) is from Etsy. Wool felt pennants were made by me :)

wool felt pennants.

I bought one of these bundles (the “Party Mix” one), and cut out 4 triangles with a 4″ base from each strip. These, I threaded (in approximate ROY G BIV order) over a strand of Cascade 220 in a bright lime green:

[112.90] making pennants.

In the end, I was able to make two stands of pennants, perfectly sized for that back wall of our nursery. I used the leftovers from each strip to create little 1″ squares:

neat little stacks

I then strung those squares up (again in rainbow order) on strands of Knitpicks Palette (again in a bright lime green):

just a peek...

And finally, using a bright green plastic embroidery hoop, strung all those strands up to create a little mobile:

[112.84] mobile!

The mobile has yet to get hung up, but I’m hoping to do so in the next week so that the whole room is put together before the munchkin arrives (which shouldn’t be for a couple more weeks, but babies are unpredictable little creatures!).

So that’s the munchkin’s little nursery nook! I’m really happy with what we’ve been able to do to make a nice space for our baby in a tiny house on a tiny budget. And it makes me happy that wool plays a big role in the decor!

P.S More knitting-related munchkin crafting to come in a future post!

13 thoughts on “the munchkin’s nursery nook”

  1. So charming! I love the colors, and it looks like a peaceful, cozy little nook. There’s nothing like wool to warm a (little) person’s body and soul.

  2. I love, love, LOVE the nursery nook. I totally appreciate the unisex blue paint, too, as a girl who always insisted on a blue room as a child. :)

  3. What a sweet munchkin room! Blessed baby. I hope your birth is easy. Remember babies have been born for millions of years. It isn’t a breeze, but we do do it again!

    I ended up storing lots of toys in the crib. Check out James McKenna’s site:

    Did you get the newest Womanly Art of Breastfeeding? There are some really supportive breastfeeding ideas in it. It’s not your mother’s Womanly Art. The updates are practical and 21st century, yet remember that breastfeeding is normal and natural.

    Looking forward to exciting news.

  4. I was just reading one of Kate’s posts about wearing wool (and how well her Deco sweater has worn) and looking at your Vahtralehed. The combo makes me think even more about how much I want to knit one! You look fantastic in it — congrats again on the impending arrival! And the room/closet/nursery looks terrific. I’m a big believer in using bedrooms for sleeping and common spaces for play. It means the living room in our (also very small) house will be more of a rec room than an adult space for many years to come, but that’s also a good motivator to instill a cleaning habit early in the little ones!

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