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munchkin pants in progress

I’ve gotten a bit behind in my blogging, in that I actually have had several things I’ve been meaning to write about but keep forgetting to make the time for it. Maybe I’ll get a bunch of posts up in the next few days to catch up. Or maybe I won’t – I’m learning that I probably shouldn’t promise much of anything at this stage of being VERY pregnant. I’m a total space-case these days!

Anyway, I’ve been knitting for the munchkin (of course), and thought I’d show off the latest work in progress:

munchkin pants (in progress).

Baby pants! I’m using this pattern. I’m not loving the super-terse style in which the pattern is written, but hey, it’s free. And the pants are coming out pretty cute so far (I’m a bit further along now than in the picture above). I really like the ribbing at the sides – should make them nice and stretchy to go over cloth diapers.


The yarn I’m using is some leftover Araucania Nature Wool, and I just can’t get enough of the green. I hope my little munchkin likes these pants!

2 thoughts on “munchkin pants in progress”

  1. love these. that bright, happy green is just what i need these days, too. (i started a BSJ in a very similar color…) hope all is well!

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