babyStripes! has begun

I couldn’t resist the pull of corrugated ribbing on tiny needles:

beginnings of babyStripes!

So I cast on for babyStripes! last week. I decided to knit the bottom band flat, and then join to knit the body in the round, which means I’ll be steeking, down the road. The only problem? I don’t have a size 1 16-inch circular needle, and I’m not keen on cramming that many stitches onto my dpns. I was hoping to bring this with me up to Minnesota, which is where I’m headed tomorrow, to visit my parents. But alas, I won’t have time to find a small-circumference circular needle before then. But thankfully, I still have that angora Seraphim shawl on the needles, with no progress having been made on it since our last trip, so that should make the perfect travel knitting.

Speaking of stripey things, there are now two finished Stripes! other than my own out there in the world, thanks to my awesome test knitters. There are a few updates to make to the pattern, based on their feedback, but it won’t be long before I can release the pattern for real!

4 thoughts on “babyStripes! has begun”

  1. (Ha, more commentary from my Dale cardigan!) I’m making a sweater with a chest diameter of 22″ or so, and I’m using a 40″ circular, just looping it out in the middle of the cutting sts in the front. It’s working well, and saving me from having to deal with a 24″ circ or dpns (or buy a 16″ circ).

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