the quilt.

I’ve mentioned here a few times that I was knitting Chawne‘s sweater in exchange for a quilt. I figure her gorgeous quilt deserves a little bit of attention here on my blog, now that it’s here.

It came on Friday, and despite temperatures of 88 degrees, I couldn’t resist taking it outside to get some photos. When you get a quilt this awesome, you forget about things like the heat:

quilt in the sun

(I promise, I am actually wearing shorts in that picture, under the quilt. I just have absurdly long legs to go with my absurdly long arms.) One of the blues in the quilt (there are 15 different shades of blue!) matches my glasses perfectly:

wrapped up in a quilt [365x2.17]

I absolutely adore the quilt, and am so glad that C and I were able to do such a wonderful swap. The quilt is already well-loved by both the human and feline residents of this household:

stimpy loves the quilt.
Stimpy thinks it is his

snuggling with stimpy [365x2.19]
But I make him share

Thanks so much, C!

13 thoughts on “the quilt.”

  1. Wow, what a great quilt! That’s definitely something you’ll keep forever. I’m pretty sure at my cabin we have quilts that are over 100 years old (I’m sure my sister will read this soon and correct me if I’m wrong.)

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