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just shy of a sweater.

I almost hate to make a post and knock my husband’s beautiful sweater off the top spot on the blog, but it can’t stay there forever. I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my Garter Yoke cardi since the last time I posted, and I figured it warranted an update, and I finally have time to write here again.

So, here’s the cardigan, as it stood by mid-day yesterday:

we have sleeve! [365.222]

All but one sleeve! I picked up stitches for the second sleeve shortly after that photo was taken, and am working my way down towards the end of a sweater. Fastest sweater EVER, this will be.

Except for one problem, which might be clear in the photo above: my garter buttonbands want to flip under. There’s just not enough of them to counteract the curl of the stockinette. I’ve asked around on flickr and Ravelry and have gotten a few good tips for how I can deal with this (and am open to suggestions from y’all, too!), but in any case, it might slow the finishing down a bit. I have already ordered some awesome buttons for it, though, and I can’t wait to show them to you once they’re here!

One other thing I wanted to point out about the sweater is the strategic use of different skeins of yarn. The Nature Wool is rather inconsistent, with some skeins having quite a lot of variegation and some having almost none, so what I’ve been doing is using the more variegated yarn at the top of the sweater, and then switching to the less variegated yarn as I work towards the bottom, so it sort of fades out. I think it’s a really neat effect:

garter yoke cardi, sans sleeve

By the way, I have a feeling I’m going to become something of a Sundays-only blogger (at least, in terms of my own posting) this semester. I’m a fair amount busier than last semester, since in addition to TAing and tutoring and symphony and such, I am participating in a pair of seminars that will be giving me plenty of reading and thinking to do. So if my posting both here and in the comments of all of your lovely blogs seems a bit light, that’s why. If you’re desperate to know what I’m up to on a regular basis, I keep a daily photo blog on flickr, and I’ve also caved and joined the ranks of Twitter (not that I “tweet” all that often). So, that’s that.

16 thoughts on “just shy of a sweater.”

  1. I have an idea, though not sure it’ll work. Could you pick up stitches vertically, and knit one or two long rows of garter? Maybe that will help the rolly edge to lay flat, and ideally won’t add too much width to the button bands.

    I love the sweater, by the way. So adorable.

  2. My Garter Yoke Cardi did the same thing. The button bands rolled in and the bottom edge rolled up, but since blocking, I haven’t had any problems at all with rolling. My advice is just to block it and see what happens. Good luck!

  3. You may have already received this suggestion, but I think perhaps backing the buttonband (and a little of the stockinette fronts, where the rolling is occurring) with a woven fabric like grosgrain would do the trick. It would add a sturdy, non-rolling foundation, and would have the bonus benefit of reducing the wear-and-tear those edges undergo over the life of the cardigan.

    Plus you could pick something cute that would just peek out every so often when the cardi is unbuttoned. Much like EZ’s secret messages on her folded hems..

    (I know sewing sort of defeats the purpose of a seamless yoked sweater, but…. it’s for the good of the garment!)

  4. The sweater looks great — I love the color, and you’re right, the fading of the variegation is very cool. Good luck with all of your seminars and teaching this semester; I SO know how that goes…

  5. Oh, it’s looking great and very cozy! Good luck with the new semester. I’m so pleased to have MLK off to regroup and get caught up. And spend an hour or two watching Brideshead Revisited and knitting. :-)

  6. Hi Whitney,
    Remember me? Was out with your Mom last night and she shared your blog information, just thought I would send you a hi from cold La Crosse, WI. I love the sweaters they are gorgeous! Hope you and Andrew are well!

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