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Well, this was quite a week. Between the inauguration and some of the other news we received this week (don’t worry, at least, not yet…things are still ok, they just might not be, at some point, depending on factors beyond our control), it’s been quite a rollercoaster of highs and lows. C’est la vie, I suppose. I’ve got tons to show you today (that’s what happens when you don’t have any time to blog during the week!), so let’s get started:

our long national nightmare is over. [365.225]

I finished the knitting on my Garter Yoke Cardi on the morning of Inauguration Day, and wore it (with my “Environmentalists for Obama” t-shirt) while I watched that historic event. I don’t even have words for how amazing it is to know that after having lived my entire adult life under Bush, I finally have a president who values the things I do. It’s so wonderful. The cardigan, as you can tell from that picture, needed a good blocking, because the button bands were flipping under like crazy. Last night, it finally got one:

garter yoke cardi!

I do still plan to back the buttonbands with ribbon, but I figured I’d go ahead and post some “FO” pictures. But before I do that, here are the details:

Pattern: My own, inspired by the Garter Yoke Cardi pattern in Knit.1
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool, slightly over 3 skeins (yes, really! The yardage is crazy on that stuff.)
Needles: Size 7 Denise Circulars and Knitpicks Harmony dpns
Buttons: 8 Painted Strawberry buttons from Peace Fleece.
Time to knit: Jan 2nd. – 23rd. (including an initial frogging).

new sweater. [365.230]

It fits! I love my new sweater. I absolutely adore the buttons, and simply do not care if a green cardigan with strawberry buttons is too twee. You can’t make me! Here it is unbuttoned:


And a closeup of those awesome buttons:

button-band even-closer-up

But that’s not all I have to show you! You see, I finished the knitting on this sweater early in the morning on Inauguration Day. That meant I had nothing to keep my hands occupied while I watched the festivities. So, obviously, I had to cast-on for something new:

something new.

The side shaping might give it away, but in case it doesn’t, I decided to cast on for a second Girlified Cobblestone sweater. I’ve had these giant skeins of Fleece Artist BFL hanging around for quite awhile, and since it’s been so very cold here, I was drawn to the idea of creating something warm and cozy. I love my Cobblestone sweater; it’s basically a nicer-looking sweatshirt, so soft, warm and comfortable. So I am excited to make another one! We’ll see how long this takes…I seem to be on quite a roll with the sweaters!

the yarn

19 thoughts on “new(s)”

  1. Such a great cardigan! I love the buttons; such a perfect touch. Also, the second Cobblestone looks gorgeous already. I love your color choice, as always. I really need to try some BFL; I’ve heard great things!

  2. Your cardigan looks so good! And I love the color you’re using for the second Cobblestone. You know, it almost makes me wish I were a small woman so that I could pump out sweaters like crazy, but alas I am destined to knit man-sized sweaters my entire life. I love the way you used the more variegated yarn at the top of your cardigan, it turned out very well and looks awesome!

  3. I love the new cardigan — that color green is particularly gorgeous :) And yes, Tuesday was amazing, and I can’t say how much I’ve been enjoying the news lately, for the first time in eight years…

  4. That sweater is adorable! Those buttons are perfect (twee or no twee)! It looks like you are really far on the Cobblestone already! You’re going to have a closet full of yokes before you know it!

  5. Beautiful! (Both finished and not-yet-finished sweaters).
    Hope the unspecified news turns out okay.
    And yay Obama!
    BTW, I figure as a musician you were probably interested in the news about Yo-Yo Ma’s group not really playing at the Inauguration, and pantomiming to a recording? Once I heard about that, I was like “Well DUH! Who would want to play their instruments for real in that weather?”

  6. Beautiful sweater, especially the buttons, which I think are perfect for it. The color of the new Cobblestone is gorgeous and will look beautiful when finished.

    Hope all and any news in your future is positive.

    And as an environmentalist whose first president I can remember was Ike, I have great hope for the future with our new president.

    Stay warm, the weatherman says we will enjoy “warmer” weather this coming week, as if 20’s could be called warmer.

  7. Love it!!!! I think the strawberry buttons are a great touch! You are on a sweater kick – I love your first cobblestone…this one looks just as cozy! (we need it!)

  8. Your sweater is gorgeous (love the strawberry buttons!), and just think about all the good energy thrumming around in that sweater forevermore after witnessing the inauguration!

  9. Wonderful cardigan! It fits you really well, and anyone who thinks those perfect strawberry buttons are twee, is a bit too stuffy.

    Pretty blue color in the BFL, which reminds me I have some BFL sock yarn I wanted to knit up. Hmmm….

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