andrew's sweater, FOs:2009

Andrew has a sweater!

Andrew in his new sweater, side view

It’s done! I finished the finishing work yesterday, wove in all the ends, and gave it a good bath, and after a full night drying in the bathroom with our box fan blowing on it, it was ready to be buttoned up on my darling husband. I’m so delighted with how it turned out, especially after the disaster that was my first attempt at a sweater for him.

Here are the details:
Ravelry Project Page

All Posts on Andrew’s Sweater
Pattern: My own, using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Seamless Hybrid” construction
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, just shy of 7 skeins, in “Aporto”
Buttons: One-of-a-kind wooden buttons, from Wooden Treasures
Needles: size 8
Time to knit: slightly over one month

And here, for your enjoyment, are a couple more photos. One from the front:

Andrew in his new sweater!

And one from the back:

Andrew in his new sweater, back view

I so love the way the shoulder/back shaping worked out! And I’m just tickled with how nice the narrow columns of garter stitch along the button bands look, and all of the little touches I put in the finishing just make me so happy. Doesn’t my husband look handsome in it, too?

22 thoughts on “Andrew has a sweater!”

  1. Ooh, it looks very nice! Are you glad it’s finally over? I’m terribly afraid that I am destroying my brother’s sweater with my attempts to add a collar. Apparently my finishing skills are well below where they should be.

  2. andrew has a sweater and he will sleep in it, i think. it is so great. love everything about it. the knitting of it is great fun too, isn’t it. oh and the buttons are fab..
    i knitted na craga in cascade. it is so nice. no pills, no drooping.

  3. Yay, it looks so great! I’m glad you re-started this sweater because it’s so much better now :) I’m starting a sweater for my husband soon, and I’ll be modeling it after yours.

  4. I agree. I think the finishing work really paid off – it looks very professional and cozy. I am trying to decide if I should show it to my husband, because I’m afraid he’ll want one!

  5. Wow!!! That looks fantastic! All the little details make it look so polished and professional! I especially love the cozy looking collar! Your husband is a lucky man!

  6. It’s a beautiful sweater on handsome gentleman, although he looks a little cold. Did he get warm shoveling all the snow that fell over the weekend?

  7. Congratulations! It turned out great, and the color looks good on your DH. He’s a real sport for standing out in all that snow for the photo shoot.

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