More yoke action!

Just popping onto the blog really quickly before I head into the office to workworkwork, because I wanted to show off my progress on the Bohus Yoke:

Bohus Yoke progress

I’ve now incorporated all of the colors into the yoke. I especially love that little burst of berry red! I had been pretty much following the sample chart from Spun Out #5, but since my row gauge is quite different from the sample sweater, and I am not the same size as Meg Swanson, I quickly abandoned it and am now officially in “making it up as I go” territory. And I’ve got to say, I sort of love it. It’s freeing. I probably should have sat down, and charted something out, but no…I’m just looking at what’s on my needles, and deciding what the next row should be. One row at a time. It is exhilarating.

For good measure, how about a couple more pictures? Here is a closeup of the yoke patterning so far:

Closeup of Bohus Yoke patterning

And here is a closeup that gives an even better sense of the texture of this thing. I absolutely love the use of purl stitches in Bohus colorwork:


I’m starting to contemplate how I want to handle the neckline. I’m thinking I’d like to basically mirror the hems at the wrists and bottom of the sweater, but I’m not sure the best way to transition from the yoke patterning to that. I’m definitely open to suggestions and recommendations!

9 thoughts on “More yoke action!”

  1. It looks so good! I’m very impressed you’ve started making up the pattern as you go. I can see how much fun that would be. Ya know, after the panic subsided. ;) I got nothin’ for neckline suggestions. I haven’t made a yoked sweater before. But judging by the rest of this sweater, I know whatever you decide will be wonderful.

  2. that is so stunning. i love the little purls of white and the red. you are doing a great job! for the neckline – i’d mirror the cuffs/hem…keep it consistent…

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