We have achieved yokeage.

But first, two things:

  • As a knitting cognitive scientist, I feel obligated to link y’all to this. Is that not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen?
  • Jean has finished the second Tabi sock, and they look fantastic! Hooray!

And now on to the fabulousness that is the yoke of my sweater. Here is my progress so far, in all its shining glory, sitting in the one place in the house where I could actually get a little bit of natural light this morning:


I stopped knitting last night because I ran into a slight problem. This, y’all, is what happens when you try to knit while overly sleepy:

This is what happens when you knit while you are sleepy

See how the stitch I just purled is cream? And now the next stitch is also cream? Yeah, not supposed to be like that. I jacked it up. I know it won’t be hard to fix (I can drop the stitches and reknit them with the right colored float as I go), but still…annoying!

For good measure, here is a closeup of a section on non-jacked-up yoke:

Closeup of non jacked-up yoke pattern

I love it!

(just a note, to anyone who may have emailed me and not gotten a response recently: I am in the midst of finals and am also pretty sick, so I’ve not done the best job of staying in touch. My apologies! I promise to be better once the semester is over, really!)

7 thoughts on “We have achieved yokeage.”

  1. Beautiful! Correcting mistakes in colorwork has become pretty commonplace for me. It’s a pain, but as long as you have enough float to fix it, no biggie.

    Maybe it’s time for me to get back to my sweater.

  2. Oh, wow. It looks great. I love the brown in the yoke. What a lovely color scheme. Good luck with the error correcting. But if it doesn’t go so well, you can always remember the Persian rug makers who intentionally leave one mistake in their rugs because only God is perfect. You can be all, “I left that mistake there on purpose!” Oh, and that knitted brain is fantastic.

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