and the winner is…

my almost “blog-twin”, Pat! Her comment number is the one that popped up when I put everyone’s comment numbers into a random.choice() call in Python, which is my favoritest programming language ever, in case anyone was wondering, which they probably weren’t. But now you know :).

As for your suggestions, the obvious “winner” is the Escher print I’m converting into mittens. I’d be thrilled to share the pattern, and perhaps some variations on it, with y’all. I’ll be keeping very careful notes while I knit this first mitten, since, like most people, I actually want the second one to match it. So once I am done knitting mitten #1, I will probably post a “tentative” pattern, which may or may not be edited as I use it to knit mitten #2. My plan for anything I share is to do much like I’ve already done with the Escher mitten, and share a bit of the thought-process that went into the making of it, because that’s something I’ve always enjoyed very much on other people’s blogs. I really like all of the other suggestions, too, and will definitely bounce them around in my head a bit to see what directions I could take them in. Thanks, everyone, for playing!

Oh, and here’s a preview of what you’ll be seeing next time: something’s finished…

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