demi, FOs:2007

Demi is finished!

Demi is finished.

Pattern: Demi, from Rowan’s “Vintage Style”
Size: 34
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool (1 full skein, plus probably about half of two other skeins)
Buttons: Wooden Buttons from Peace Fleece
Needles Denise Circulars, size 6 and 8

I finally found the time to wash, block, and seam up Demi. Goodness gracious, the finishing took a lot out of me yesterday, but it was so worth it. I think this is the prettiest thing I have ever made. I love it! I love how classic it looks in cream, and I really love the way the wooden buttons look at the neckline.

I got my husband to take some pictures of me wearing it just a bit ago, using our pretty (but crazily overgrown) backyard garden as backdrop. Full disclosure: I adjusted the colors a bit in these pictures to make me look a little less like death, but not too much. And now, I shower you with photo goodness:

Me, wearing Demi

The obligatory front-facing picture, with me doing that awful thing where I stick my tongue out when I smile.


Side shot, without the bottom cut off this time

A side shot. I feel pretty, oh so pretty…


Back shot of Demi

Back shot, in which you can see how messy my pinned-up braids look by the end of the day.


Closeup of buttons

Closeup of buttons and my über-pale neck.


Hi, I have a gigantic forehead.

Hi, I have a giant forehead! But I’m wearing a pretty sweater, so who cares?


I love this sweater so much! And I honestly had a blast knitting it, too. All those twisted stitches and cables kept my hands very happy. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Fisherman’s Wool, too. It’s actually pretty soft against the skin, and it shows the fancy stitchwork like a dream. And of course, it’s so very affordable, which is also a huge plus!  The sweater fits quite nicely, too, but also will still fit if I manage to put a little bit of weight back on, because the twisted rib is quite stretchy. I don’t think I could be much happier with the final result. Hooray for successful projects!

28 thoughts on “Demi is finished!”

  1. That’s it! I’m taking some time today to finish some of my sweater pieces. Your sweater is GORGEOUS….and Lion Brand?…who would have thought. Thanks so much for sharing. KNIT ON!

  2. That looks awesome!!! Great job!! I love your braids too :) My hair isn’t long enough to do that with yet…but I think it looks so cute!! And I have to second the voice of amazment about the Lion Brand. I never really give it much though..but I’ll have to check out the Fisherman’s Wool now!!

  3. Whitney, Your sweater is GORGEOUS – I just keep looking at the pictures over and over again – what beautiful work you have done! I can’t stop staring at that close up – the stitches are PERFECT!!
    and You look beautiful in it too!

  4. Beautiful sweater! And you look lovely–not remotely like death, unless Death is a pretty blonde in an exquisite handknit sweater, in which case, why worry?

  5. That is a gorgeous sweater. I absolutely love it. I might have to go out and buy a copy of vintage style soon!

    Well done, it’s very pretty, classic, and quite flattering on you.

  6. Lovely work. It’s a beautiful pattern, and beautifully executed. The buttons, as Jane says, are charming. (I probably would’ve tried to go for braided-leather-covered buttons, which would’ve overwhelmed the daintiness of the sweater.) You look great in it. Congratulations.

  7. that is a perfect sweater! the color is amazing. If I ever do Demi, I will be doing it in that color!!!! So would you recommend using the fisherman’s wool? it would make it really affordable (especially with a 40% off coupon from JoAnn’s or Michaels!)

    wow. that just looks great.

  8. wow- it’s gorgeous!! I love it in the cream. I’ve had yarn for this marinating in my stash for more than a year… I think this is the year I finally tackle it….

  9. Beautiful! I didn’t like the first pictures of Demi that I saw, but every single one that I’ve seen knitted up has been gorgeous. You did a marvelous job with that sweater.

  10. hi Whitney–I am a new blogger and just visited your site–this sweater is sooo lovely. I love the buttons on the shoulder–so vintage looking. Come visit–julierose

  11. So beautiful! And gorgeous photographs, too:) I’m about to start demi with kathmandu dk – how was the seaming? Did you slip the first stitch of every row, or add two stitches to be able to do that, or simply follow the chart?

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