It’s my blogday, and I almost forgot!

Today has been a bit of a rough day. This morning we took the sweet, sweet stray kitty who we’ve been taking care of since we moved into our new house to the shelter. We’re pretty sure she was abandoned here; she’s certainly not feral, as she’ll hop right into our laps if we sit on our porch, and is very affectionate. When we moved in, she was deathly-thin, desperate for food and for attention.  She kept trying to get into our house every time we opened the door. We really, really wanted to take her in ourselves, but her belly is full of baby kitties, which just wouldn’t do…we have two large male cats and it just wouldn’t have worked. But I’m sort of heartbroken about it. I feel like we let her down. There’s always a chance that we can take her in after her babies are taken care of, but she could well be adopted before then (which would be a good thing, I suppose, but I’m feeling a bit selfish because I really like the little kitty). In any case, it was a bit of a tough morning, and I’m still feeling rather sad about it.

All the activity this morning sort of did me in, health-wise, too. I’m just completely and utterly wiped out, and feeling pretty miserable. The fact that it’s absolutely roasting hot here isn’t helping, either. 91 degrees and humid is a bit much when you’ve already got a fever. So anyway, I almost forgot that today is my blog’s first birthday. And now I’m feeling too exhausted and gloomy to be very celebratory. But I’ll try!

So yes, a whole year of knit blogging. It hardly feels like it’s been that long. It’s been really wonderful, too. I’ve met so many great people through the comments on my posts, and I feel like I’ve found a nice little home amongst virtual friends here in this little corner of the Internet. I’ve participated in (and, um, fallen off the bandwagon occasionally!) knitalongs, donated to good causes I would not have heard about if it weren’t for other bloggers, discovered new patterns and yarns and other such knitterly things, and won a few blog-contests, too. I’ve learned so much from my fellow knitting bloggers over the years (since well before I started a blog of my own), and I feel like the best way to celebrate my own “blogday” is to try to give back a little something, a “blogday present” of sorts. I’ve been thinking for quite awhile that I ought to write up patterns for a few of the things I’ve created over the years, and post them on this blog, and seeing Sarah‘s post about startng something similar has got me all inspired to really do it. Alas, I wasn’t inspired in time to actually have a pattern ready for y’all as a “blogday gift”, but if you keep your eye on the brand-new “Patterns” tab at the top of the blog, you should see a nicely-formatted, multi-sized pattern for “Mr. Estonian Mitten (and partner)” (remember them?) in the near future, with patterns for several other things I’ve knit over the years to follow. And so now, for my “blogday contest”:

I would love nothing more than to hear ideas from y’all about what sorts of things you’d like to see me write up patterns for. I’ve been mostly sticking to other people’s patterns recently (though sometimes modifying the heck out of them!), so y’all probably haven’t seen many of the things I’ve come up with out of my own head already (but you will, you will!), especially since a lot of them were knit before I even owned a camera to document them with. But I’m always looking for new inspirations, and I’m always up for a challenge, so comment away with suggestions! They can be crazy (want to see another Escher print?), or basic, or somewhere in-between. I’ll randomly select a winner from the comments posted before Friday morning to receive a skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the color of their choosing (it just wouldn’t be a contest without a prize, now would it?).  So there you have it.  Comment away!

We’ll see where this next year takes me!

12 thoughts on “It’s my blogday, and I almost forgot!”

  1. Happy Blogday! Sorry it was a rough one. I’m sure it was really hard to give away a sweet kitty.

    I’m interested to see your Escher mittens progress, and I’d love it if you write up a pattern eventually. (Yes, I have that much faith in your abilities to plan a great mitten :) )

  2. I definitely want to see a pattern for the Escher mittens, even though I’m scared to death to knit with more than one color at a time.

    Congratulations on your blogday. I hope tomorrow is a better day all around.

  3. Happy Blogday!!! What a rough day though. She is a seriously cute kitty but all filled with babies would be sooooo hard to deal with. I hear ya. Hopefully after she has had them and she is spayed (or is it neutered??) You can adopt her!

    I would love to see the escher mittens as well. I think it was so cool to see how you figured out the patterning and graphed it out. I have such a hard time sitting and thinking that kind of thing through.

    I hope it cools down a bit for you. Sweltering heat just sucks. Ick. I don’t like it at all. Bring on Fall and Winter. I’m ready!!!

  4. Congratulations Whitney!(my almost twin blogger)I’ve just been looking in your 190 project future knit flickr set and I don’t know when you’re going to have time to write up patterns!!

  5. Oh man, I would love to see any pattern you would make! But if you could design… hmm, there’s a Death of Rats on Ravelry, so maybe something else from Discworld?

    Oh! Or, you know how there’s all sorts of DNA stuff out there, but what about a neuron? So I could have my tattoos! Oooh, you know that stuffed digestive system? What about a stuffed neuron? So cute!

    Or of course anything Lord of the Rings related would be fabulous.

  6. Happy Blogday! I’m sorry it’s been a rough day thus far, but I’m very excited at the prospect of new patterns.

    Personally, what I tend to look for in patterns is a sort of modern take on an old idea. New colors, a slightly new style, heck, an Escher print sprawled across the front – these things all make me want to look twice. Actually, the item I’ve personally been thinking about for a while is a feminine, knitted take on a greatcoat. Yes, it sounds nuts, but I found a painting in one of my books of a lady’s coat based on the greatcoat, and it looks like it could be updated with a lot of style. So that’s my rather weird suggestion – a knitted ladies’ greatcoat – the old style with the sort of shawled shoulders. Like this: http://www.ctraders.com/pics/Greatcoat.jpg

  7. Happy Blogday, and I’m so sorry you had to give up the sweet kitty. Hopefully some loving folks will be able to give her and her babies a wonderful home, but I know how attached you must feel to her.

    I’m looking forward to Mr. and Mrs. Estonian mitten. And bring on the Escher knits! That’s an idea so good I wish I’d thought of it myself!

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