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one yoke short of a sweater

one yoke short of a sweater

This is where my Modified Cobblestone Pullover currently stands (which is really where it’s stood for the past couple of days…the yarn is so lovely and knitting round and round so addicting that this has knit up very fast!). The three little balls of yarn at the top are what’s left after knitting the body and sleeves. I think it would be enough to knit the yoke on its own, but was so enchanted with the idea of striping a really bright green (Malabrigo’s “Apple Green”, to be precise) into the garter yoke that I’m doing that, instead. So now I’m just waiting on that yarn to arrive. My plan is to use the bright green on purl rows, and the blue on knit rows, so that the green stitches sink in and the blue stitches make the more obvious ridges, so that the striping is sort of subtle, yet (hopefully) awesome. It will take a bit of thinking to get everything to line up appropriately for the short-row sections, but hey, I’m feeling clever, so I think I can make it work beautifully. We’ll see if my optimism is warranted or not, in a few days time!

I’ve made yet another modification to the Cobblestone pattern, by the way. I decided I wanted to mirror the garter columns running up the sides of the body on the sleeves, so, I did:

Modified Cobblestone Sleeves

I cast on 40 stitches, did my two inches of garter stitch, and then kept one stitch on either side of my beginning-of-round marker in garter. I followed the directions given for increases on the smallest sleeve (increasing every 14 rounds), but increased in garter until I had 14 stitches, to match the number of garter stitches in the body columns. Then I increased 3 more times just outside the garter “gully” to get 58 stitches (I basically increased until the sleeve felt appropriately wide when I tried it on…so precise, I know!). I wound up knitting the sleeves to the same length called for in the pattern (which is for men, who are presumably much taller than I am), because while I am a rather short person, I do have very long arms (I’m 5’3 but have the arms of someone who’s 5’7 or so). I’d much rather have these sleeves be slightly too long than slightly too short (I can always fold up the garter cuff if they’re too long), so I erred on the side of length.

Well, that’s enough of the gory details of my modifications. Now it’s just waiting patiently for the Apple Green to arrive. Here’s one last picture to keep us all going until then:

Looking up the garter gully

5 thoughts on “one yoke short of a sweater”

  1. I’m using apple green for my Wicked right now, and I’m obsessed with the color. It’s so bright and cheerful; it will make you smile to see those subtle stripes of bright green all winter long, I bet!

    Might I ask where you bought your Malabrigo online? I just moved and it’s much more expensive out here than in Boston, and I’m looking for an online source. Love the mods, can’t wait to see the finished product!

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