I sewed!

Yesterday, I had some friends from my department over for a little crafting party (we generally call it “knitting”, but since only half the group or so knits, that’s sort of an inaccurate name!). We usually meet in a coffee shop, but I’ve not been feeling up to getting out there very often since getting sick, so we brought everything to me. And it was fabulous. And there was this:

My first piece of sewing since middle school!

My first piece of sewing created on a sewing machine since I was of middle-school age! The one on top, that is, not the beautiful quilt underneath it (though one goal I have is to someday recreate that quilt). One of the new graduate students here showed me how to set up and use my sewing machine (the one I got as a wedding present, 2.5 years ago, which was still in all of the original packaging!), and now, well…the possibilities, they are endless!

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