cobblestone pullover, FOs:2009, year of yokes, yoked sweaters

and another!

I am seriously on a roll with the yoked sweaters...I just finished another one last night. And I love it. Here it is: Ravelry Project Page Pattern: my modified version of Jared Flood's "Cobblestone Pullover" Yarn: Fleece Artist BFL Aran, in a blue colorway, just slightly over 2 skeins (the leftovers from the third are… Continue reading and another!

cobblestone pullover, socks, year of yokes, yoked sweaters

another week, another FO

Not a sweater, this time, though. Remember how I used to knit socks? Well, I finally finished a pair: Pattern: A hybrid of what I remembered from the "Giotto" cuff pattern, and the Yarn Harlot's "Basic Sock Recipe" Yarn: Fly Designs Lace Wing Sock, in "Petrol". Way less than one skein. Needles: Size 1 Knitpicks… Continue reading another week, another FO

cobblestone pullover, sweaters

In Which we discuss weather, weight, a new sweater, and a “blogday”

Ah, I've always been fond of the "In Which..." sort of title, it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh (my favorite book, as a kid, and one which I've been collecting in a bunch of languages, because I really enjoy playing with translated children's books). On weather: We're having some absolutely gorgeous weather right now… Continue reading In Which we discuss weather, weight, a new sweater, and a “blogday”