giotto with the flow

something’s off the needles…

Something's off the needles!

That’s right, I finished the first Giotto-With-The-Flow sock last night! But y’all don’t want to just see it rolled up like that, I’m sure, so how about a picture of the sock, looking more like a sock:

Giotto-With-The-Flow on my foot

It fits! And I love it. The lighting is absolutely awful today (it’s never great, but right now there’s no natural light at all to redeem it because it’s been so stormy here), so I will spare you any of the other pictures I attempted to take of the finished sock, though they’re in my flickr stream, if you really want to see some more (very blurry) pictures.

After finishing it last night, I briefly entertained the notion of trying to finish the first of each of the remaining three socks on the needles before moving on to GWTF #2. But when I mentioned this oh-so-brilliant idea to my husband, he disagreed, and said that I should go right on with this sock’s partner, because, as he put it, “look how happy it makes you!”. So, I believe I shall do that, because he is right. I love this sock, my very first lacy sock, and it does make me happy.

As for things other than this lovely sock: I’ve also ordered the necessary couple skeins of red Naturespun Sport to begin on Ingeborg, so once that reaches me, it will join the socks as one of my current works in progress (but since I’m knitting from cones, it will have to be an “at-home” project, as opposed to my “knit-anywhere” socks). I’m going to try, in the next week or two, to get as close as I can to finishing Tailored Scallops (which would leave me with two almost-finished wool sweaters, as Demi still needs blocked and finished as well). At some point I will knit the sleeves for Not-So-Aprikot, as I don’t want that sweater to be abandoned. The Chevron Scarf lives in my desk drawer (convenient for keeping my kitty from chewing on it), and after several weeks of knitting a few rows here and there while I wait for data to load or whatever, it’s nearly 3 feet long already. The Mitered Square Blanket is currently on hiatus, because while I thought that it would be great to have small things like that to knit, it turns out that socks serve that purpose even better for me, and that knitting with 100% cotton is a bit hard on my hands right now. It’ll get knit, eventually, but for now it remains just a box of colors to tempt me. And such is the state of my current collection of WIPs.

One last thought before I close my post. I’d like to join the Tour De France Knitalong, seeing as I rather enjoy the Tour (though I’m definitely no cyclist…but as a (now former) marathoner, I do relate to the general “endurance athlete” aspect of it). Except…nothing I’m planning to knit in the near future is at all “french-y”. Or “cycle-y”. Or…you know, in any way relevant to the Tour. After mulling it over for awhile, though, I realized that I had a project in mind that would actually be pretty perfect, despite its lack of “frenchiness”. It’s a small project, and shouldn’t take up terribly much time, but one that I’ve been wanting to knit for quite awhile, because it will give me the experience with some new techniques that I want to have before I knit a full-scale version for myself someday. The project? A Sampler Gansey, from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s “Knitting Ganseys”. What makes it so perfect for this knitalong? Well, this is the yarn I’m planning to use, Bartlett Yarn’s Fisherman in a very nice yellow. Get it, a yellow gansey? Like a yellow jersey, except, you know, not? Ok, well I think it’s cool. I’m thinking I should probably enter the knitalong in the “Yellow Jersey” category (the categories are described in the first post on the knitalong), though since Ganseys are totally new to me, perhaps I ought to enter in the “Polka Dot Jersey” category. What do y’all think?

6 thoughts on “something’s off the needles…”

  1. WHoops! I left the comment I had for this post on a different one! DOH!!!

    Anyway….beautiful sock :o) And like I said in that other comment….very smart hubby for suggesting you finish this one over the other knitting you have. Smart man indeed!

  2. That is really a lovely sock! You seem to have a gift, just scrolling down your front page, for color and pattern in combination – the color of this sock suits the lace so beautifully. It looks very comfy, too. Great work!

  3. I just wanted to let you know I’ve entered you provisionally in the polka dot category but I’m happy to switch you over to yellow if you like. (In the end, it doesn’t really make any difference!)

  4. Hi there, I found your blog via the New Knitting Crack (Ravelry)…I love the sock. I don’t have the discipline to finish pairs of socks very often, sadly. Kudos to the hubby for his encouragement!

  5. The blue in your sock reminds me of the sea…I love that color!

    Glad you are joining us for the Tour KAL — your project will fit just fine!! :)

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