FOs:2007, socks

RPM socks, finished

This morning I finished the last few decrease rounds of my RPM socks and kitchenered the toe, just in time to wear them to school! Here they are, in all their finished glory:

RPMs, completed!

The details, uninteresting as they are:
Pattern: RPM, from Knitty Summer ’06
Yarn: Koigu, in a gorgeous colorway of blues, greens, purples, and golds, given to me by chrysanthemum (thank you!)
Needles: Size 1 Clover bamboo dpns

I felt like taking a bunch of photos of these, because of how enamored I am of the colors and how they look in this pattern. So now I shall subject y’all to my lack of photography skills!

First, the classic “foot-to-different-sized-foot” picture:

RPMs, side view

Next, a picture of the RPMs in my adorable (and cheap!) shoes (from Target):

RPMs in my cute Target shoes

I was very proud of my kitchener stitch this time around. I actually really, really enjoy kitchenering things. So I decided to play the old “set the camera on the table so that I can take a picture without flash without it getting blurry” trick so that I could show off that part of my handiwork:

Closeup of kitchenered toe

And last but not least, a shot of all of the lovely colors in this yarn (which, despite the preponderance of blue, is not all that far off from the current Project Spectrum triad with all of the greens and golds!):

Closeup of RPM

And now I am done showing off these beautiful socks! Up next…I cast on for my Golden Dragon socks. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “RPM socks, finished”

  1. I need someone to show me how to kitchener. I thought I was correctly following the directions given in Knitting Rules, but my sock toes look nothing like that. They’re all bumpy. I must be working it backwards/inside out or something.

    Love those shoes! Yay Target. :)

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