golden dragon socks, project spectrum

celebrating yellows and golds

Today’s post is perfect for Project Spectrum. In my last post, I promised that a post about casting on for my “Golden Dragon Socks” would be forthcoming. Well, here it is:

I cast on for Golden Dragon socks

Of course, I’ve done more than just cast on since my last post (though not much! It’s nearing the end of the semester, so I have been all sorts of busy with things in my other life as an academic). I’ve now completed 1.5 repeats (note to self: start with row 10 of the chart next time!), and the gorgeous gold yarn has transformed into this:

Golden Dragon Socks, 1.5 repeats

Pretty, no? The pattern is very clear, and quite intuitive once you’ve done a round or two. I’m enjoying watching it shape up. Just for kicks, I took one of my “stand the sock up and set the camera on the table” pictures that I’ve become very fond of, too:

Golden Dragon Sock

As much as I could sit around all day taking pictures of this pretty golden yarn, and the pretty dragon sock it is becoming, I think three pictures is quite enough for y’all. But I have another lovely picture of something the yellow family, right here:

Lonely Daffodil

I’ve grown enamored of this lone daffodil across the street from our apartment over the past few days. There is a big cluster of them just up the street a bit, and then this one lonely daffodil. I love daffodils, they are the meaning of “Spring” to me. You might have noticed, back when I posted about our wedding anniversary, that those were the flowers we had at our wedding (both in real form, and in icing form on our cake!). I just love them. It was so very very sunny outside when I took the picture, as I’m sure y’all can tell from how bright the yellow on the daffodil is. If I knew anything about cameras, I’m sure I could have fixed that, but alas, that’s a skill I have yet to acquire. I’ll just pretend it was deliberate, and that I meant for everyone to get to experience the beautiful sunshine that we are getting here in Upstate NY today!

(coming up, I finish the fronts of Not-So-Aprikot, in order to free up the needles to begin my green square for a “super-secret” project…so there will probably be no pictures until said project is completed and given to its intended recipient.)

3 thoughts on “celebrating yellows and golds”

  1. Your golden dragon socks are gorgeous. I love how they are coming out.

    Can you please tell me, where I can find the pattern? Is it somewhere online? Or in which book may I find it?

    Thanks for your help.

    from Wuppertal/Germany

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