birthday wrapup

Oy. Another week between posts. I do have an excuse this time. You see, last Sunday I took a really nasty fall down the stairs, and earned myself a lovely set of bruised ribs (and a banged up right elbow and hip, to boot!). If any of y’all have ever had bruised ribs, you probably understand that doing anything (even breathing!) hurts, so I’ve been out of commission on the knitting front, as well as almost all other fronts, for several days. The universe seems to be out to get me; it’s even thwarting my “taking it easy” knitting plan!  I’m feeling a wee bit better (in that I can actually move around and such) almost a week later now, but it is wearing me out even more than I already was to be in pain constantly.

Thursday was my birthday. I’d hope to do a really cutesy post of some sort on that day, but, well, I just didn’t feel up to it. But for good measure, here is the awesome birthday cake my beloved husband made for me:

My Space Shuttle Cake!!!

The Space Shuttle Cake is something of a tradition for me. You see, when I was little, I was very obsessed with the space program. I was proud of my birthday, because it was the date of several important events in the history of space exploration (there was Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, in 1961, and the launch of the first shuttle, Columbia, in 1981). Just before my 8th birthday, for the 10th anniversary of the shuttle program, Odyssey magazine had an article on how to make a “birthday” cake for Columbia. Being the space-nut that I was, I decided that I wanted to share my birthday cake with Columbia that year, and the tradition grew from that. It seems a little silly now that I am 24, but aren’t most traditions a little bit silly, when you think about them?

My birthday, despite the bumps and bruises and exhaustion, was fantastic. There was a surprise dinner with friends from my graduate program (including my advisor and his wife!), an immersion blender (which I’ve wanted for soup-making purposes for a long time!), a Neil Young CD, many calls and emails of well-wishes from friends and family, and of course the cake. And I even got a little “birthday present” from myself that day, too:

Beaverslide Dry Goods colorcards!

My Beaverslide colorcards arrived! I’ve been hearing so many good things about their yarn, but found the photos on their site to be a bit lacking (they’re so dark, it’s a bit hard to tell what colors you’re actually looking at), so I decided to request the full set of colorcards so that I could see (and feel) it for myself. I can now attest that it is absolutely lovely yarn. The colors are fantastic, and the feel is rustic but not scratchy. I’m debating between spending the money I got for my birthday on some of their yarn, or on acquiring the remaining Elizabeth Zimmermann books I have on my wishlist. We’ll just have to see.

Next post, you can look forward to a bit of mitered square action, since I’m finally feeling up to doing a little tiny bit of knitting!

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