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Pink, green, and yellow

When Lolly asks to see our pinks, greens, and yellows, I can’t help but oblige. So this morning I took a bunch of pictures of the yarn I’m planning to use for upcoming projects for Project Spectrum.

Before I begin, a little disclaimer: y’all might’ve noticed that I’ve stalled on the larger projects I’ve been working on (the two sweaters). This is not from lack of interest. As much as I’d love to pump out those two sweaters, and then a sweater or two out of the green yarns I have on hand for that purpose…it just isn’t going to happen. Not anytime soon. I’m still feeling really under the weather. The docs are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, and I’m getting sick of all of the poking and prodding. For the meantime, I’m sticking to the smaller projects, because when you’re as worn out as I feel, the difference in weight between a sock and the body of a worsted-weight sweater is quite noticeable, and I just don’t have the energy to be working on big pieces right now. The sweaters will have to come at their own pace, and if they don’t line up whatsoever with PS color triads, so be it. So, with that out of the way, on to the upcoming Pink, Green, and Yellow projects (I’m only showing the pink/yellow/green yarn that I intend to use during the next two months…most of the yarn I have stashed for sweaters is green, but getting that out to take pictures would only make me sad that I don’t feel up to knitting with it right now):

First off, we have socks. Socks are nice, because I can carry them around with me in my purse, and knit on them while I wait in the doctor’s office or whatever. Here is the collection of yarn I intend to turn into socks in the near future:

Upcoming socks

The Pink and Green yarn on the left is Vesper Sock Yarn, which was given to me without the ballband so I have no idea what the name of the colorway is. I love it, though…the bright green with pink is sort of garish, but in an awesome instead of ugly way. I intend to turn that yarn into a pair of plain stockinette socks. The yarn in the middle is the 24-Karat Socks that Rock yarn, which I won in the Red Scarf Project drawing. I’m going to be turning that into a lovely golden pair of Here There Be Dragons socks (the pattern for which I also won in said drawing). The yarn to the right is my lone skein of solid-colored sock yarn, which I intend to turn into Cookie A’s beautiful Twisted Flower socks.

Another idea popped into my head for small projects after seeing a few people’s finished Mitered Square blankets over on the Mason-Dixon Knitalong. Quite awhile ago, before I started this blog, I used a gift certificate to Elann that I had been given to get 2 of each of a rather large number of colors of Elann Sonata, originally intending to knit “Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors” with it:

Elann Sonata stash

However, after seeing all those gorgeous mitered squares across blogland, and with the appeal of smaller, more portable projects being quite strong for me right now, I’ve changed my mind, and have decided I want to turn this yarn into mitered squares to make a blanket. This also gives me the perfect opportunity to put together color combos that are well-suited to the Project Spectrum color triads. So, with that in mind, here are the color combos I’m planning to turn into mitered squares in the next couple months:

Mitered Square color combo #1

First, a light olive green combined with a wheat-yellow color.

Mitered Square color combo #2

And then, a light ballet-pink combined with a darker, rosier pink. What do y’all think? I’m pretty pleased with these colors, I’ve got to say:

upcoming Mitered Squares

And just to round out the small project theme, I’m also going to be knitting a square or two for a baby blanket some colleagues and I are working on for a special someone’s baby-to-be. I highly doubt said someone reads my knitting blog, but just for the sake of keeping it relatively secret, I figure I ought not blather about it too much. But I am planning on making a couple of squares with really interesting textured stitch patterns (some cool cables or bobbles or something, maybe?), using this yarn:

Green yarn for surprise blankie

Of course, before I can start on any of these lovely little pink, yellow, and green projects, I’d like to finish out my current small project, the beautiful RPM socks:

RPM, slow but steady progress

I’ve finished the gussets and am now onto the section where I just go round and round. I knit the shorter sock first (I’ve got different sized feet, remember), so these’ll go on an extra inch. But I’m enjoying knitting them, so even if they take a little longer than I’d like, that’s ok.

2 thoughts on “Pink, green, and yellow”

  1. I love the box of colors! :) and thanks for showing off your stash. I have to say that that gold right in the middle really caught my eye – lovely color!

  2. Sorry to heard you are not feeling yourself. Sounds like you have a plan to keep knitting till they can find out what’s up.

    I really like those socks.

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