nothing to see here…

Still in the midst of finals and paper writing. My hands crave knitting like nobody’s business, but I’ve got to hold off until at least Wednesday, because I’ve got two papers to finish up by Tuesday late-afternoon, and a stats homework to finish by Wednesday morning, and if I start knitting on something I know I’ll want to just keep going. But I thought I’d take a brief break from the paper writing to point out to y’all that there’s a new Knitty, and there are some pretty nifty patterns in it. I don’t know how long this Knitty’s been out…could be awhile, I used to be far more obsessed with waiting for it every quarter than I am these days. But in any case, here are a few of the patterns I enjoyed (and may knit):

First, there’s Binary. Wish I’d thought of it. I probably will wind up knitting this, but being the geek that I am, I will have to think of what I want it to say. Have I mentioned that I used to entertain myself as a kid by converting numbers between bases when I couldn’t sleep? Oh, don’t all run away frightened! I’m a nice geek!

Next, there’s Monkey. I have no idea where the name came from, but it’s yet another lovely sock pattern by the marvelous Cookie A. of Knitters Anonymous. I half wish I had seen this before knitting the Lemongrass yarn into a plain stockinette sock, because I bet that yarn would’ve looked nice in this pattern, too (it uses the same number of stitches as I used in the plain sock), especially since it is so similar to the colors she used. But I quite like my plain sock, so I’ll just finish the second one the same way and file this pattern in the back of my mind for a later pair. Oh, and side note: what is it with everyone showing off their socks in these adorable shoes? I’m not even a shoe person, not in the least, but it makes me want to get a cute pair of shoes just for sock-showing purposes, which is pretty silly.

Brown Bag is pretty clever. Not sure I’d actually make one to use, though…my heart lusts after something like this for bringing lunches into campus. But still, I think the pattern’s pretty clever.

I like Starsky Jr. much better than I liked the original. I think this is mostly because I hate belted sweaters, which is what the original was. I don’t know that I’d knit the new version (I’d bet I’d fit in the largest size, though), but it’s much better than the original, IMHO.

Then there are the toys. First there’s Norberta, which is adorable. Soft squishy dragon with a big fat belly!

Lastly, there’s Sheldon. I made all sorts of happy, excited, “squee”-like noises when I saw this one, much to the amusement of my husband. But, see, I have a thing for turtles. A thing where I adore them a ridiculous amount. That kind of thing. I just love them…especially the sea turtles at the zoo…they look so dumb and happy, swimming around…and then some mean idiots have to throw coins in the tank and the turtles, being dumb (which can’t be helped!), eat them and get sick and I don’t get to see them anymore. Yeah.  Anyway, I love turtles.  And the design of this one is so clever…the body can come out of the shell! I am enamoured. When I have more money, I am going to make a Knitpicks order that will include the yarn for this little guy (and probably for Norberta, too).

Well, that is enough blathering about the new Knitty.  Back to paper writing, now.  Wish me luck!

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