Wyl’s scarf, on Wyl

I submitted my paper for my Natural Language Understanding course today (20 pages, holy crap!), and took the final exam a couple of hours ago. As such, I’m essentially brain-dead (getting up at 4am several day in a row to finish writing a pair of final papers will do that to ya, but on the other hand, I write really well at insanely early hours of the morning for some reason, so I guess it was worth it). So, you can blame any completely non-sensical content in this post on my complete lack of sleep.

But hopefully there won’t be any non-sensical content. I don’t have any new knitting progress photos to show, because, well, there’s not been any progress on that front (obviously), but I do have pictures! My friend Wyl (who I have known since 6th grade!) made my morning today by sending me pictures of himself wearing the scarf that I knit for him (which was featured on this blog awhile ago). So, I’m delighted to present Wyl, in his scarf:

Wyl, in the scarf that I knit him!

I got it to him just in time for the colder weather (which he’ll be getting a lot more of, now that he’s headed up to Wisconsin for school!). He says he loves it, that the color is great and that it’s very warm. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that my knitted object is being so loved and appreciated. But Wyl has a good history of knitwear appreciation. He was one of the early recipients of the “Whitney Hat”, a hat that I “designed” back in high school by doing my own (very wrong) thing when trying to follow another hat pattern. He got his for his birthday right before my freshman year of college, back in 2001.  It’s been refined over the years, and a couple of years ago, I knit my husband one (you can see it here), but I’ve never quite been happy with it. Poor Wyl’s well-loved hat has begun to stretch out a bit, especially around the ears (which has always been a problem with that pattern of mine), so he’s now first in line for the “Whitney Hat++”, the plans for which have been ruminating for quite awhile now. Given how backed-up I am on my existing projects, it probably won’t happen for awhile, but when it does, I’ll make sure to document the design process here on the blog, and will probably publish the resultant pattern here, as well.

I promise there will be some new knitting-content here soon, folks. I just have a couple more problems to turn in for my Statistics class, and then I will have successfully completed the first semester of my Ph.D! Woohoo!

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