Candy Corn Sock #1 is Done!

Guess what I found yesterday? My Chibi! It was in one of my desk drawers at work (and no, I don’t know why). So, during last night’s Dr. Who, I finished the toe of the first Candy Corn sock:

Candy Corn sock #1 is complete!

It fits quite comfortably, though I think I must have done something a bit different at the toe of my last ones…perhaps I didn’t knit them quite so pointy, and kitchenered more stitches at the end? That would probably make sense to do in the future, in any case, as I have anything but pointy feet. Here’s a shot of my ridiculously wide foot (this is the shorter one, by the way) in my sock:

Candy Corn sock #1 on my smaller foot

(Ignore the ridiculous little boy’s longjohns I’ve got on in that picture…it’s chilly in our apartment!). And here’s one last shot, a side view of my foot:

Side view of Candy Corn sock

I didn’t get the best shot of them, but trust me, my gussets are pretty. Now I’ve just got to figure out what to do about the needles so that I can start my next one.

But the socks aren’t the only thing I’ve been working on. Oh, most certainly not. Hey, remember those Estonian-inspired mittens I said I was working on in my very first post here? Well, poor Mr. Estonian Mitten has been waiting patiently for his thumb (and his partner) for quite a long time now, and since it’s getting rather chilly here (we got snow this week!), I’d like to have a pair of mittens to wear. So I finally picked up those stitches and started a thumb:

Finally starting the thumb

And here’s a shot of the palm, since it’s a different motif:

Palm side

I’m quite enamoured with this mitten. It’s very, very warm, even without the thumb. And of course, it’s me-colors!

Last but not least, I’ve also been working on Wyl’s scarf. Here’s my progress so far:

Progress on Wyl's scarf!

I think my gauge has tightened up a bit since I knit the first repeat of the scarf (which was well over a year ago). I’m pleasantly surprised to see that my stitches have neatened up quite a lot in that period, as well. It’ll make for a scarf with one rather frumpy looking end, but I don’t think Wyl will mind that much. But I’d best get going on this one, since he’s coming back to the chilly midwest pretty soon!

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