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making plans

I don't have any knitting-related photos to share, so for now, I will regale y'all with photos from our garden. I have the above picture as the background on my laptop now, that's how much I love it! We're in the final weeks of the semester here, so I've been a bit busy with all… Continue reading making plans

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coming to a realization…

Sit down for a moment (er, you're probably already doing that, really, since you're reading a blog and all, but play along with me here!), because I'm about to say something rather shocking: I think the primary reason I'm not knitting more on my soon-to-be sister-in-law's shawl is because I don't like the yarn. Don't… Continue reading coming to a realization…

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bad stuff, good stuff, and a giveaway

The Tour de France is having a rest day today, and so am I (though they're doing hardcore training rides, while I'm sitting around being sick and miserable and not doing much of anything...I'll just claim I'm trying to remain truer to the meaning of "rest" than they are!). My man Rasmussen won yesterday's stage… Continue reading bad stuff, good stuff, and a giveaway