Disaster strikes

I wound up not going to the departmental Stitch ‘n Bitch yesterday, as I wasn’t feeling terribly well (it turned out that I had a fever; I don’t know what the cause is, I’ve just been feeling really worn out and tired lately and yesterday was the worst). So I didn’t get to show the girls how toe decreases work, but I did finish them. See?

Candy Corn Sock #1 is (almost) done!

Note that I didn’t say that I finished the sock itself. That would be because of those needles still attached to the toe. See, I got to the end, and then realized that I couldn’t find my little Chibi with all my sewing needles in it anywhere. This is particularly sad, because I actually really enjoy kitchenering things together (yeah, what can I say? I’m a freak.). And it makes no sense, because I just had it out a few weeks ago when I was kitchenering the hood of Rogue, but I’ve looked every place I can think of and I can’t find them. My poor sock is so sad, sitting around with its toe unkitchenered.

But the missing Chibi is not the only disaster to have stricken the Candy Corn sock. Oh, no, most certainly not. The first disaster actually struck a bit earlier.  Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?


Does this help?


Yeah. That would be one busted Clover 2.25mm dpn. Throughout the knitting of the sock, I’d found these needles to be a bit obnoxiously bendy. I felt like I was going to break them any time I did a decrease. Well, sure enough, I made it to the very last decrease in the entire sock, and…SNAP! I was able to rescue the stitches that fell off in the course of that little mishap, so all is well with the sock, but not with my needles. This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum, though. See, I didn’t really like the Clover bamboo dpns. I’ve knit with Plymouth bamboo dpns before and I’m pretty sure I like them better. But I don’t know if my gauge would change if I used them. So do I spend my money on a set of replacement Clovers, even though I don’t think I care for them too much, safe in the knowledge that sock #2 ought to come out pretty much the same (except for being longer, which is desired) as sock #1, or do I spend my money on a set of Plymouths, which I’m fairly sure I prefer, but risk having sock #2 come out different? It’s probably not a huge deal, as I’d assume Plymouth’s 2.25mm and Clover’s 2.25mm needles are quite similar, but I never trust myself to knit consistently across a needle change. So, any thoughts, dear readers? Or, alternately, does anyone have a lonely single Clover 2.25mm dpn that they would like to send to a good home (er, given that I’ve already busted one, calling my home a good home for dpns is probably a bit of a lie)

5 thoughts on “Disaster strikes”

  1. I’m so sorry about the snapped needle. Ugh. That’s why I can only use metal dpn’s and sometimes I bend those!

    I LOVE the yarn on this sock, btw. It’s so ‘happy’!

  2. Clovers come in packs of 5, right? Can you just knit on three needles for the second sock, using the fourth as the rotating one? It might make the pattern a little more complicated but I bet you could do it.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as g33kgrrl, knit the second sock on 4 needles. I knitted a sock once on two size 1 Aero circulars, and decided I didn’t like the two-circulars thing so cast on the second sock with Crystal Palace size 1 bamboo dps, and they came out slightly different sizes.

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