more Kool-Aid dyeing fun!

Today I took what I learned from experimenting with Kool-Aid dyeing with my daughter and her friend and taught the 1st and 2nd graders in the summer learning program class I’m working with how to dye yarn!

Before my time with the kids, I tied a different color scrap of yarn onto each of a bunch of mini-skeins that I’d wound off of a large skein of undyed superwash worsted weight yarn, and then I cut out a bunch of tags from some heavy craft paper and punched a hole in them to thread a matching scrap of yarn to the tag so that each student could tag their own skein after it went through the microwaving process. This mostly worked, though the students were a bit…shall we say, “exuberant” in their use of the Kool-Aid powder, so the lighter colored scraps also got dyed. We were still able to figure out whose was whose, though!

Kool-aid dyed yarn!
Kool-Aid dyed skeins, each with a tag

After tying the colored scrap yarn onto each skein, I soaked them in a bowl of water with some vinegar. I then put the saturated skeins in a ziplock bag to bring with me. I also brought a bunch of different Kool-Aid packets (thanks to folks who gave me colors I didn’t have!), and oven mitts, an apron, towels, and saran wrap. For containers, I ended up using every single small glass prep bowl we had. Since we only had 6 of them, and there are 10 kids plus a teacher, I knew we’d have to do two “rounds” of dyeing. This ended up working out pretty well, though, because I was able to have them work in pairs, helping each other dye one round of skeins and then the other, so that each kid (and the teacher!) got their own skein in the end.

Kool-aid dyed yarn!
Such pretty colors!

After the yarns had been microwaved in their little bowls covered in saran wrap, we rinsed them in the sink with a colander, and then using the towels that I brought, we took turns “stomping” the water out of the skeins. Then each kid tied their tag to their skein so that I could take them home with me to hang to dry. I’ll be bringing them back with me next week so that they can use their own yarn to learn how to finger-knit!

Kool-aid dyed yarn!

My own fingers smell very much like cooked Kool-Aid right now, which I suppose isn’t the worst thing in the world! And I am physically quite cooked, because our church (which is hosting the summer learning program) doesn’t have A/C, and it is warm and HUMID today. But it all went well and the kids had fun, hooray!

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