Socks and sameness

I finished yet another pair of DRK Everyday socks today!

Yet another pair of DRK Everyday Socks

Pattern: DRK Everyday Socks, by Andrea Mowry
Yarn: Lichen & Lace 80/20 Sock in “Beach Glass”
Needles: Size 1 40″ circular (magic loop)
Time to knit: A couple of weeks, on and off

I did my usual mods: knitting a size up from what my size “should” be according to the pattern; knitting the foot of the second sock shorter to accommodate my different-sized feet; knitting the heel in a slipped-stitch pattern instead of stockinette.

Yet another pair of DRK Everyday Socks

I obviously quite like this pattern! Yes, it’s quite plain, but I am finding that I have zero interest in knitting “fancy” sock patterns, and while I do enjoy knitting patterns that teach me new things, I also have always been someone who doesn’t mind knitting the same thing over and over if the process is soothing. And for me, these are a great soothing thing to knit, in much the same way that Willow Cowls were for me. And now I have 5 pairs of them!

My entire collection of DRK Everyday Socks

My main interest, when it comes to socks, is to have a pop of color to add to my outfits that involve skirts/dresses with tights and boots. And so to me, having a fancy stitch pattern just doesn’t matter, and the 2×2 rib adds enough interest while knitting as well as creating a nice fit. Perfect. There’s something that’s very calming to me about having a kind of “uniform”, where the main/only thing I have to think about is color. As long as I can play with color, I don’t mind “sameness”, and actually find it comforting and stress-reducing. Hence making so many different Cleo Skirts and Demeter Dresses, and knitting multiple Vita de Vie sweaters, multiple Wardie Cardigans, multiple Farmhouse Cardigans, and of course, multiple Willow Cowls.

My entire collection of DRK Everyday Socks
Why yes, I do have quite the Chaco tan-lines on my feet!

But: I was noticing that my current crop of socks tilt very heavily towards blues and greens, which makes sense because those are very “me” colors, but since my goal is to have pops of color to coordinate but not necessarily exactly match the rest of my outfit, I need to branch out a bit. This helped me choose the next sock yarn from my stash to turn into socks:

My entire collection of DRK Everyday Socks

It’s John Arbon Exmoor Sock, the same yarn as those delightful acid green socks, this time in “Bell Heather”, a rich pinkish purple. I already know I find Exmoor Sock especially delightful to knit with (it’s so wooly!) so I’m looking forward to casting on later today! Just gotta wind one of those skeins into a ball.

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