Happy Spring!

The Spring Equinox is also our 16th wedding anniversary (and, because we adopted our two of our cats 8 weeks after our wedding, when they were 8 weeks old, their approximate 16th birthday!). So it’s a big day! I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of Spring, even if you live in a place like I do, where actual reliable Spring-like weather is probably still a little ways off.

My current project feels very Spring-like, with the bright spring green and the embroidered flowers. The embroidery itself is fairly slow-going, but I’m getting better at it, and it’s looking exactly like what I imagined when I dreamed of turning those gorgeous mittens from Making magazine into a yoked sweater.

Embroidered yoke sweater in progress

My goal is to try to embroider most of the yoke before I split for the body and sleeves; I obviously can’t embroider the flowers towards the bottom of the yoke, yet, because there’s no knitting on the other side of them to embroider into, but I really want to get a sense for how the yoke sits with all of those flowers before I make decisions about how much deeper to make it. All of those embroidered flowers add a pleasant heft to the sweater, and as someone who finds weighted blankets to be really calming, this makes me really happy – it’s going to be like wearing a hug!

We’ll see how much longer it takes to get the yoke fully embroidered; I’m not sure whether I’ll get any chances to wear this sweater before the weather truly warms up, but it’ll be a delight to wear next year, too.

Happy Spring, everyone!


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