What I’m working on

Now that my Farmhouse cardigan is off the needles (and has already been worn several times, including today), I want to share the other two projects that I’m currently working on. One is pictured above, and I’ll get to it in a second, but first: thrums!


My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was organizing my knitting patterns on Google Drive (which is where I’m storing things in case I can’t use Ravelry for that purpose in the future), and when she saw Ysolda’s Cadeautje slippers, she was smitten with the idea of having red + pink ones. I already had some chunky red wool in my stash (it’s Beaverslide’s 3-ply in “Winter Rosehip”, which I’d gotten in hopes of making a vest for M, but it was TOO chunky for that), and was able to get some roving in a pink that reminds me of cherry blossoms for the thrums.


When I took photos of my Farmhouse cardigan, I also took some of the slipper-in-progress, and my daughter snuck into the picture to pet the thrums!

She loves the feeling of the thrums!

I’m almost done with the first slipper, and it fits my own foot nicely, which leaves me with some hope that these slippers will still fit my kid next fall. (Her feet are now the same size as my smaller foot; I have one size 6 foot and one size 7 foot.) But I’ve gotten sidetracked from the slippers by the project that’s pictured at the top of this post.

Being silly with my yoke-in-progress

I’m almost finished with the yoke of the sweater I dreamed up based on the mittens featured on the cover of Making’s “Intricate” issue. Each one of those bobbles is going to become the center of an embroidered flower, like this:

An idea...

I’m making up the placement of the bobbles as I go; I want it to look organic, and the goal is to have the flowers really densely packed at the top of the yoke, and then more spaced out and scattered towards the bottom. We’ll see how it looks once I start embroidering them…for now, it kind of looks like a plucked chicken!

Yoke progress.

My plan is to actually embroider the whole yoke (or at least, most of it) before I continue to the sleeves and body, both because I want to see if it looks like what I’m dreaming up in my mind before I knit too much further, and because I want to make sure I have a good sense of how much yarn I’ll have left for sleeves and body, because I imagine the embroidery is going to use quite a bit. I have a LOT of embroidery in my future!

Being silly with my yoke-in-progress

This week, I’ll get my first COVID vaccine shot, which means I’ll get my second shot shortly before my 38th birthday. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but what worries me a lot is that it feels like so many people are already talking as if things are “back to normal”. They’re not. We’re still in the tunnel. People are still getting sick and dying. And even when we have reached herd immunity levels of vaccination, we have to remember that this has been an incredibly traumatic year, and that so many of us (I include myself in this number) have been pushed to a breaking point and are burnt out. As a college professor and parent, I’ve worked harder in this past year than I ever have before, and it’s not like I was ever a slacker on that front. My students, too, have worked incredibly hard under nearly impossible circumstances. We need to give ourselves and each other a chance to recover, and I’m afraid that I’m not hearing any indications that the “powers that be” actually understand that. I hope I’m wrong.

1 thought on “What I’m working on”

  1. That sweater sounds like it’s going to be amazing, and I admire your fortitude facing all that embroidery later. I love the idea of it, but I’m fairly certain I would hate the reality of doing it enough that I would just quit partway through. So I’ll just enjoy yours vicariously!

    I also forget every time I go to make something thrummed how much of a pain it is to make those suckers — and just how many you actually need! — but my own Cadjeaute slippers have pretty much helped me survive my cold basement office this winter, so they’re well worth the PITA factor.

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