Gamaldags is all done! And it’s chilly enough today that I actually WANT to be wearing it!


Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Gamaldags by Hélène Magnússon
Yarn: Lettlopi in Ash Grey, Spring Green Heather, Glacier Blue Heather, and custom-dyed hot pink, red, and yellow yarns from The Icelandic Knitter
Needles: Size 7 for the stockinette portions, and size 6 for the ribbing.
Time to knit: Just over 1 month


I am really happy with how it turned out. I experimented with a new-to-me button band finish this time; for the band with buttonholes, I used Kate Davies style i-cord button holes, which matched nicely with the i-cord bind-off I’d done on the button band. I really like the look of 1×1 rib bound off with a 2 stitch i-cord, and I’m really happy with how neat the buttonholes look, too!


The other thing I love is the 1×1 rib folded neckband, which is something I’ve added to a few other sweaters because I just love it so much – it looks great, but it’s also so very comfortable for me to wear! I really enjoy the little bit of added weight (hey, my kid didn’t get her Sensory Processing Disorder and need for deep pressure from nowhere!), and it feels sturdy without reducing the stretch.

1x1 rib neckline plus added shortrows

In that picture, you can also see where I added a set of short rows in the yellow + green stripe section just below the neckband. I *really* hate necklines that sag in the back (and remain eternally confused by tops and dresses with v-backs or scoop-backs…like, the thought of wearing a top like that literally sends shivers down my spine!) so I’ve learned that I sometimes need to stick in an extra set of short rows just below the neckband to counteract that.

Yay, Gamaldags!

I think this is a sweater that will get worn quite a bit in the colder month. The light grey combined with the bright colors fits into my wardrobe really well; the light blue, light green, and hot pink in particular are colors I wear frequently, and this sweater matches ALL of those. Hooray!


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