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I wish I had 8 arms…

Oy. Y'all, I am so ready to just collapse into a heap of exhaustion and hurtiness. I'm so busy with classes and research that I barely have time for anything else, and I'm being told that the pain that's gotten a lot worse since I started getting really sick this past spring is probably a… Continue reading I wish I had 8 arms…



What little there was of the Tabi sock when this photo was taken earlier today is no more. It's better I noticed this now, than after knitting a whole sock, cast-on is way too tight on this sock. You can probably even tell in that picture with the way the lace is pulling in… Continue reading help!

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Waiting Room Sock gets a whole lot of action; and a good mail day

So, in case anyone was wondering, this: is exactly how much sock I can knit during a 5 hour session of bloodwork: from cast on through a few rounds of gusset stitches. In yet another instance of "why didn't someone tell me this ahead of time?" (I've been having lots of these relating to medical… Continue reading Waiting Room Sock gets a whole lot of action; and a good mail day

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I think I might have a sock problem.

In the past couple of days, I've cast on for two different socks. If you've been paying attention, you'll realize that this brings the number of unrelated socks that are simultaneously in progress on my needles to four. I can't help myself! I don't feel up to do much of anything beyond knitting little things… Continue reading I think I might have a sock problem.