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RIP, old quilt.

So, I have this quilt. Actually, I kind of stole the quilt from my mom, who won it as a bingo prize as a teenager. I took it with me to college and since A and I moved in together it has topped our bed. Here's a picture (from when I was 7 months pregnant… Continue reading RIP, old quilt.

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new beginnings

This is a time for new beginnings, at least if you're a person of the academic persuasion. In two days, I'll start teaching the writing class I've been preparing for over the summer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous as all get-out...I still wonder why on earth they trust me to teach… Continue reading new beginnings

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Oh my goodness, y'all, when they told me I'd be drowsy and out of it on these meds, they so weren't lying. I got my presentation rescheduled for Tuesday, thank goodness, because all I could manage yesterday was looking at pictures on Flickr in a nearly catatonic state. Same goes for today, really...I've not even… Continue reading catatonic


I sewed!

Yesterday, I had some friends from my department over for a little crafting party (we generally call it "knitting", but since only half the group or so knits, that's sort of an inaccurate name!). We usually meet in a coffee shop, but I've not been feeling up to getting out there very often since getting… Continue reading I sewed!