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Mom’s Rogue is DONE!

Oh my goodness, seaming weaving in the ends on this sweater took forever. I got the first sleeve set in and seamed yesterday, but that was it...I had to spend a lot of time fighting with the programming language we program our eyetracking experiments in yesterday at the office, and was too tired by the… Continue reading Mom’s Rogue is DONE!

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even cats love Nancie Wiseman

Yesterday we wound up having to get our car towed to the shop for repairs that wound up costing more money than I actually had in my bank account (a HUGE thank-you to my mother, for giving us a hand with the costs!). Basically, our car is 12 years old and still had quite a… Continue reading even cats love Nancie Wiseman

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a quiet one, with one of my friends from my graduate program coming over for a vegetarian thanksgiving with my husband and me. The food was all lovely, except for my somewhat-failed attempt at a lentil loaf. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, either. Just… Continue reading thankful

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Socktoberfest (officially) begins; and I join several other knitalongs

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought some of Lolly's knitalong frenzy had worn off on me, right? Well, here's a little post to gather together the various knitalong-type-things I'm planning to participate in this fall: Socktoberfest officially began today, and my Candy Corn sock is nearly ready to begin toe shaping. I… Continue reading Socktoberfest (officially) begins; and I join several other knitalongs