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I have been knitting (and I have proof!)

First, as promised in my previous post, photographic evidence of the completion of Not-So-Aprikot's fronts: I put the remaining live stitches on scrap yarn instead of binding off, so that I can extend/shorten the bits that wrap around the neck as needed, and so that I can kitchener them together for a nice clean seam.… Continue reading I have been knitting (and I have proof!)

demi, escher project, knitting, mitered crosses blanket, not-so-aprikot

plotting and scheming

That's what I'm up to these days. I'm pretty busy with the end-of-semester crunch, plus the research stuff that never ends (not that I mind, I enjoy it quite a lot, which is a good thing seeing as I'll be doing it for the rest of my life, most likely!), so I don't have a… Continue reading plotting and scheming