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maddypants in progress

The teensy swatch from my last post has grown up to be this: No, it isn't a pair of handknit granny panties (I love wool, but I don't love wool THAT much!)'s a diaper cover for Maddy, minus the leg and waist ribbing. I decided I wanted to knit her a pair of wool shorts… Continue reading maddypants in progress

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Things I make for Maddy: more Maddy-pants!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted last, but it was long enough ago that I'd forgotten what my last post was about - how funny that I've got two posts in a row (but almost 2 months apart) about the same pattern! I ended up going up two sizes with… Continue reading Things I make for Maddy: more Maddy-pants!

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well that didn’t take long!

Turns out baby hats are pretty darn quick! Behold, the munchkin's first handknit-from-mama: Ravelry Project Page Pattern: Cosset Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Softspun Plus in "Cyanea" Needles: size 2 Knitpicks Harmony dpns Time to knit: Oct 8-11th I'm hoping to add a few more things (including babyStripes!) to the handknits-from-mama pile before the munchkin arrives, but… Continue reading well that didn’t take long!