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stop and smell the lilacs

It's lilac season here, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The air around my neighborhood (home of the Lilac Festival) is just thick with their scent. I went for a walk through the park the other day (avoiding the main part of the festival, as I'm just not a festival sort of gal) and came home… Continue reading stop and smell the lilacs

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things that are not socks

Yeah, it's Socktoberfest, but there's more than just socks on my needles. My poor non-sock projects just haven't gotten much blog-love lately! The picture up top is my progress on my dad's Escheresque mittens...about 1 inch of cuff. It doesn't look like much, but remember, it's 104 stitches on 00 dpns, so it's rather slow… Continue reading things that are not socks

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For Dad

I'm trying to get this post written quickly, because in a couple of hours I will begin preparations for this procedure, which I'm scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Oh, my life is so full of medical adventure right now. In any case, I highly doubt I will feel up to doing much of anything, much less… Continue reading For Dad