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Frisson-in-progress I'm finally a little bit recuperated from the events detailed in my last post. Not all the way, though - I can't lie, that drive (a whole week ago now) really messed me up, to the point where I don't think I can go to Knitting Guild tonight because it's snowing today (not even… Continue reading hello, 2015

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i wrote a pattern (or 4?) yesterday!

I finally had a Wednesday when I did not have any meetings scheduled with students, so I worked from home instead (Wednesday's the only day that I don't teach any classes, but it's still been filled with meetings this semester!). I didn't get a lot of "work" work done, but my mind was stuck on… Continue reading i wrote a pattern (or 4?) yesterday!



I was hoping to be able to show off a nearly-finished wee wrap-sweater today, but then THIS happened last night: I was working away at the attached i-cord edging (I love attached i-cord!), when I got ever so slightly overly enthusiastic about tightening up the working yarn. By which I mean I yanked it. And,… Continue reading oops.