crochet, designing, estonian knitting, hollyberry cardigan

progress report

I've ended up having so many active projects going on at once now, and it's a bit nuts. I really should try to be better about not starting (or re-starting, in some cases) a whole load of projects every time I get a break, because I wind up just feeling overwhelmed by it all, and… Continue reading progress report

crochet, designing, estonian knitting, hollyberry cardigan, mittens, vivian

too much!

Although I haven't been posting here in the last couple weeks, I've been taking advantage of having some time to relax, and have been crafting up a storm while I'm at it! Taking a cue from Ms. Frick, I'm going to catch y'all up on what I've been up to, in list-form. Thing the first:… Continue reading too much!