Apparently I cannot count.

Welp, I made a whole bunch of progress on Professor Meow this weekend, but then made a disappointing discovery: Professor Meow’s face is off-center.

Professor Meow's face is off-center, grr!
Look closely – there are 21 stitches on the right of the nose and only 19 on the left. Curses!

Between this and the mishap with the Joy Mitts that I’m making for a friend, it seems I’ve lost my ability to count properly, which is…not great, considering how much counting is involved in knitting! Though come to think of it, there’s an awful lot of it involved in ensemble music-making, too, and I’ve always been prone to momentarily spacing out and thus losing count of how many bars of rest there have been or how many measures I’ve been repeating the same note pattern or whatever. I mostly make up for that by having a good ear and knowing what it’s supposed to sound like right before I come back in, but in any case, I’m not sure why anyone should trust me to accurately count anything right now!

In fairness to me, things have been busy and challenging recently, and I’m still feeling kind of discombobulated. The pandemic isn’t over, and I feel like it’s showing up even more this semester than in previous ones in terms of the difficulties my students are having. We’re hitting the time of the semester where those difficulties tend to come to a head, and I guess it’s probably not surprising that as the person who has to help manage and mitigate these difficulties, which often involves adapting my assignments and course schedules on the fly, my own executive function is taking a hit.

Anyway, I’m going to have to rip back to before the nose and try again on Professor Meow, which I’m still hoping to finish before my daughter’s birthday on November 26th. It’s going to be tight, but hopefully I can pull it off! Then, I’ll get back to finishing off the Joy Mitts, and then, I’ll get back to being the selfish knitter I truly am at heart :)


1 thought on “Apparently I cannot count.”

  1. Take it easy on yourself. Our challenges the last few years have not only been difficult but have been different. Love reading about your busy knitting!

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