This weekend, as evidenced on Instagram, much of the online knitting world was at Rhinebeck. I was not, and I’m fine with that. I’m glad to have gone in the past, but honestly…the crowds were always overwhelming, and the fallout from the Ravelry stuff has left me feeling pretty disconnected from much of the online knitting community, which (other than shopping) was the main reason to go. And I think it’s also made me much less interested in the shopping, too. I’ve got more than enough yarn to keep me busy for awhile, and unlike in the past, I’m not finding myself as pulled towards acquiring new stuff; I’m actually having fun and feeling creatively challenged by “shopping my stash” and figuring out what I can turn into what.

I did get one new batch of yarn recently, though, but it’s not for me. It’s for my kid, who saw the “Professor Meow” pullover in the Knitpicks catalog and basically exploded from sheer desire. I’m going to make it for her birthday, but I didn’t have any yarn that I thought I could use for that pattern, so I let her choose the colors: she’s going for a golden kitty (like our ginger kitties!) on a reddish-purple background, which I think is going to look fantastic.

Future Professor Meow Pullover and Recipient
Future Professor Meow Pullover and Recipient

The past few weeks have been pretty rough; I’ve actually been sick since late September. Not with COVID, but with some miserable combination of “all of the -itises”, most notably laryngitis and bronchitis, which are not very fun things to be dealing with when you are a college professor and your job involves a heck of a lot of talking. I literally had no voice at all for 8 straight days, and I still sound pretty froggy. So I had to get really creative about reworking my classes and workshops to work without any talking on my part, and do all of that while utterly exhausted because it turns out that when you spend most of the night experiencing paroxysmal coughing (because bronchitis + asthma ain’t great!), you end up not getting much sleep. Thankfully, steroids and inhaler treatments seem to have gotten the coughing under control as of a few days ago; I just need to get my voice back in order, and try to take better care of it going forward.

The “good” news is that we had Fall Break at the beginning of last week, so if there was ever a time when being sick would be least disruptive, that was it. I didn’t need to use my voice at all those days (which was good, since I couldn’t have), and it gave me time to catch up on the things that I got behind on while going to doctor’s appointments and such. Still, it’s an utterly demoralizing reality when the one break you get in the semester is spent sick…but with the exception of the last two years (during which I taught remotely, and then with a true mask mandate), that’s been my reality every year. I don’t know where I picked up whatever virus made my throat and lungs so angry this time around, because I am masked everywhere I go, but if no one else is, that only does so much.

Vita de Vie #3 progress

Anyway, I have actually been knitting, bouncing a bit from project to project. I took advantage of the fact that I could work from home today plus a bit of sunshine this afternoon to capture the progress I’ve made on Vita de Vie Number Three, where I’ve now reached the point where I’ll split for the neck opening.

Vita de Vie #3 progress
Awkward Self-Timer photo!

I’m a little nervous about whether I’m going to run out of yarn, but I think it’s going to work out. And I think this sweater is going to look great with the blue dress I’m currently wearing as well as some others. Yay!

Vita de Vie #3 progress

Well, I’ve still got some work to do, and I also need to make an apple cake for my dear spouse’s birthday tomorrow, so I’d best stop rambling here on the blog and get back to it.


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