A shell-less turtle

I’ve been feeling a little bit like I’m missing a shell lately, too – I’ve never been good at tuning things out, and have always cared too much about everything, and let’s just say these last few years, and especially the last few months, have had a LOT of everything. My daughter asked me the other night if I was having a good day, and I said, “eh, not really”, and she asked why, and I told her, “I just have been feeling like there’s a lot on my mind and my mind feels really disorganized and that’s making me feel overwhelmed when I try to figure out what to do” and she said, “I know what you mean.” Awww. (I’m sure she DOES know what I mean, because like me, she’s got a busy, sometimes disorganized mind…and also an ADHD diagnosis, which is something I’ve been wondering about myself too, knowing that ADHD is highly genetic and also just recognizing so much of myself in the things I read to learn more about how to be a good parent to her.)

Turtle needs a nap.
(And like Turtle here, I also feel like I need to just face-plant into a nap.)

But knitting tiny nonsense does seem to be a thing that brings me a bit of joy and pleasant distraction from all of the everything, and From Cinthia’s Jodie Turtle has been a delight on that front.

Turtle is finished!

Turtle is knit from some very old sock yarn that’s been hanging out in my stash for as long as I can remember. I genuinely have no idea what brand/color/etc it is, and it was a bit frustrating to work with because it had some thin spots where it broke a few times, but I was able to weave all those extra ends in and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. I knit Turtle on size 0 needles, just like Bunny Odile, who Turtle got to meet this afternoon.

Turtle and Bunny meet

It delights me that I now have my own little “tortoise and the hare”!

Turtle and Bunny, together

Of course, Turtle isn’t completely finished – she still needs her shell/sweater. I’m a little undecided about what yarn to use for that, though. Right now, I’m thinking it will either be some leftover Spindrift in “Laurel” (which might “go” best with Bunny Odile’s pajamas, since it came from the same sweater!) and the leftover Muse Sock yarn in “Untamed”. Which do y’all think looks best?

Which yarn for Turtle's shell/sweater?

Of course, nothing says I can’t knit a shell/sweater in both and let Turtle have some wardrobe options, I suppose!

I am in full-on course prep mode, with the new semester starting in just a couple of weeks, and have also been busy as part of the search team for my UU church’s new music director. I got myself to a place today, though, where I’m pretty sure I can take tomorrow OFF, and so that’s what I plan to do. Maybe I’ll knit, maybe I’ll sew, maybe I’ll catch up on some podcasts, or some combination of the above…I just need to convince my brain that it really is ok to be “off” and to do non-work things when my spouse is working from home. You’d think after 3 summers of pandemic work-from-home life, I would’ve gotten over that particular hangup of mine, but alas, no.

Turtle is finished!
Maybe Turtle can help me take it easy tomorrow?

But I’m going to try to give myself a day of rest, which I will surely need after tonight’s marathon of Zoom first-round interviews for the music director position!


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