Bunny has pajamas!

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! I hope this summer will be as restorative as possible.

Bunny Odile has pajamas!

On that front, since knitting small nonsense seems to be bringing me much-needed joy, I made some very unseasonable but also adorable pajamas for Bunny Odile. The pattern for the pajamas is included in the Bunny Odile pattern (along with several other clothing items that the bunny can wear), and when I saw them, I just knew I had to knit some because they are so utterly charming.

Bunny Odile has pajamas!
Those tiny little buttons were fiddly to sew on, but they really add such cuteness!

I used leftover Spindrift from my Bressay sweater; the darker purple is the “Bramble” that was the main color of the sweater, and the lighter purple/pink is called “Damask”.

Odile stops to smell the flowers.

They look so great together! And they also look nice with the purple of the flowers on our pepper plant.

Bunny Odile, checking out chives in her jammies.
Checking out the chives in her new pajamas.

One of the most charming details is the little bunny-tail hole at the back. It’s just so stinking cute!

Bunny Odile's jammies have a tail-hole.

My daughter insisted on having Bunny Odile join the other knitted toys to watch us practice our violins; she’s got a recital tonight and I’m playing the second violin part, so we’ve been working hard to polish it together!

The knitted toys hang out.

I realized the other day that the next From Cinthia toy I planned to knit was her Jodie Turtle, which meant that once I get around to doing that, I’ll have my own knitted version of “the tortoise and the hare”! That delights me.


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