Piggy is complete!

I finished Piggy today, and my daughter is a very happy recipient! I’m told that this Piggy uses she/her pronouns and is named “Olive” :)

Piggy is finished!

Pattern: Oliver Pig, by Susan B. Anderson (but this one is “Olive”)
Yarn: Barrett Wool Co. Home Worsted in “Strawflower” for Pig; scraps of Patons Classic Merino in brick red and beige for sweater; scraps of dark blue Brooklyn Tweed Shelter for jeans.
Needles: Size 6 Chiaogoo 40″ circulars (magic loop; the pattern is not written for magic loop but rather for 4 dpns, but it wasn’t too hard to modify)
Time to knit: a little over a week

Olive was a delightful knit! I hadn’t knit with the Home Worsted yarn before, but it was SUCH a lovely yarn, so nice and bouncy! (I obviously *have* knit with the other yarns before, since they were leftovers in my stash!)

Piggy is finished!

The details are so well thought out in this pattern, just like in the Alpaca pattern from Susan B. Anderson that we knit for my daughter’s teacher last year. The ears are just so adorably pig-like, and Olive even has a little curly tail!

Piggy is finished!

I’m so glad that my daughter is delighted with her piggy, even though it’s a little hard to hand her over!

Piggy is finished!

I’ve got enough of the Strawflower yarn left over to knit at least one more pig if not two, and my chamber orchestra director actually asked if she could commission one from me for her grandson. So I just might get to knit another piggy this summer. It’s definitely fun enough to knit twice!


1 thought on “Piggy is complete!”

  1. Hi Whitney, This is so cute! Are you familiar with Little Cotton Knits? I have loved knitting them…Check on Pinterest and Julie Williams is on Ravelry. Pru asked me to show her how to knit them – so this summer (I am moving back to Pittsford from Maine) I will be knitting the cute animals and they have clothing and shoes too. Best regards


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