Win some, lose some

Well, I seem to have lost the game of Yarn Chicken I’ve been playing with the lovely handspun my friend Mia sent me – I’ve still got a fair amount more knitting to do on the Inclinations Cowl, and I’ve got…

Losing the game of yarn chicken.

…not very much yarn left at all. Oh well. I think that this yarn is super lovely in the striped half-Fisherman’s Rib, so perhaps I can figure out a less yarn-consuming project to use it in. A hat, maybe? Or a more traditional in-the-round sort of cowl? It’s probably for the best that the Inclinations Cowl didn’t work out, because it was really designed for sport-weight yarn, and while I went up several needle sizes and used measurements rather than row counts while knitting so was getting the same overall size, it was still turning out to be quite dense and heavy, and I think that the triangle-shawl style cowls work better when they’re drapier. C’est la vie!

I started another project recently, though, that is turning out MUCH better. I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought I might use the leftovers from my Elska hat to make some knit toys, and I decided to start with the From Cinthia DesignsBunny Odile” pattern. So far, I’ve knit the head and one of the ears, and y’all, it is SO CUTE:

One-eared bunny-in-progress!

I’m knitting this on size 0 needles, and the stitches are so tiny, and it’s just the most charming little project. My daughter keeps asking if I’m knitting this for her, and I mean, she’s the kid, not me…but I just love the idea of having some handknit toys in my office, so I kinda want to be selfish and keep Bunny Odile to myself! (It’s not like my child doesn’t receive handknit toys from her mama!) We’ll see. I’m using the leftover white yarn from Elska, and still have several more shades of brown & grey (which will likely become Tsutsu Bears and/or Sadie Souris) plus the bright blue (which will likely turn into sweaters, etc for these little toys). My plan for Bunny Odile is to knit her a sleepsuit out of some of the leftovers from my Bressay sweater. It’s going to be great, I think.

I’ve been feeling so unsettled recently; I know it’s partly because I’m still grieving the loss of two of our cats, and partly because of how burnt out the last couple of years have made me, and partly because, well…::gestures around at the state of the world::…but it’s also my normal “I don’t know what to do without a schedule” feelings that I always have once the semester ends. It’s not that I have nothing to do…I have SO MANY things I could be doing! Knitting projects, sewing projects, music to learn, housekeeping/organization stuff, plus stuff I need to do in order to prepare Fall’s classes and whatnot. But left to my own devices these days, I tend to just zone out while scrolling through social media and then feeling very yucky at the end of the day. So I’m trying this week to notice when I’m doing that and remind myself of other things to do, even if they’re not “productive” things per-se (because this is supposed to be restful and restorative time; I just suck at doing “nothing”). I did clean our sinks this morning, but I’ve also doodled some possible colorwork patterns for a project that is for now a secret, and I looked through my pattern PDFs and daydreamed about future projects, and read a little from a physical book, too. Oh, and speaking of physical books, look what came in the mail today!

New book!

It’s the “Traditions Revisited” book that I mentioned a couple posts ago, and I’m really excited to dig into it and think about whether any of the yarn I currently have in my stash could be best put to use in one of the projects therein. I’ve always been delighted by traditional Estonian knitting techniques and harbored dreams of developing more patterns that use them in a more “modern” way (Vahtralehed is the only representative of this dream), but life has had other ideas, so it’s exciting to see someone else (and someone with an actual claim to Estonian heritage) make that dream into a reality.


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