I made socks!

I wove in the ends on my newest pair of handknit socks last night, and planned an outfit around them this morning! It is actually…surprisingly difficult to get one’s entire outfit into a photo while featuring the socks, but I tried!

Awkwardly trying to get my whole outfit in the photo.
Hi, I’m awkward!

These are the DRK Everyday Socks in John Arbon’s Exmoor Sock yarn in the amazing acid green color called “Oddmedod”. I love this color! And I especially loved it paired with magenta and purple as in my outfit today. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything cheerful happening in the world right now (seriously, how is anyone not feeling utterly nihilistic right now?), so I’m trying to manufacture cheer for myself by wearing the brightest possible colors in my outfits. So thanks, John Arbon, for making these deliciously bright green socks a possibility!

New handknit socks!

I ended up knitting a size larger than what you would think I need, given my shoe size, but I think it worked out nicely; the extra width is nice because I do have pretty wide feet, and even the somewhat higher instep created by following the pattern for the larger size worked out nicely, because I have an incredibly high instep! I kinda fudged the length (because I couldn’t just use the length given for my actual shoe size, given that the gusset was going to be a bit longer), but I end up doing that anyway with socks because my feet are actually two different sizes (one is a size 7, the other’s a size 6). The other change I made is that I knit the Fleegle Heel with a slip-stitch pattern, becaus it just feels sturdier to me!

New handknit socks!

Having two different size feet ends up working out nicely for me with handknit socks, because if I knit the sock for the larger foot first, and have used less than half the yarn, then I know that I’ll have plenty left for the second sock. With the John Arbon yarn, I had a skein per sock (because they’re smaller skeins) and I’m pretty confident that I have enough left over from each sock to do heels and toes on another pair of socks, which would be fun!

This photo cracks me up because only the very tip of my toe is in focus
This photo cracks me up – only the very tip of my toe is in focus!

I’ve actually already cast on for my next pair of DRK Everyday Socks, but I’ll share more about them in a future post. I haven’t really had the time or energy to work on anything bigger than a sock since my last post, so who knows when I’ll have progress to share on my Birch Pullover. I’m realizing that both of my projects are from DRK patterns and she’s doing a “March to May” knitalong, so I’m kind of accidentally participating in it! Maybe I’ll actually finish Birch before the end of May? I suspect socks are going to be more where my brain is until the semester ends. 4 more weeks.

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  1. I enjoy all of your posts. You can really produce all sorts of clothing beautifully while engaged in a sometimes difficult worklife. You truly deserve an “atta girl!””

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