It’s a sock!

I’ve been using a sock as my “portable” project now that I’m back to teaching in person. And as of this morning at church, I now have one finished sock! It’s another DRK Everyday sock, this time in John Arbon’s Exmoor Sock in an incredible acid green color called “Oddmedod”. I’m really enjoying this yarn – it’s got a “toothiness” that I find quite pleasant and I love the way the blend of wools adds a heathered effect.

Exmoor Sock "Oddmedod" DRK Everyday Sock the first

I went up a size (size 8 instead of size 7) compared to my previous pair, because I figured that with the ribbing helping it to be form-fitting, it was actually nicer to have it be on the slightly more roomy side, rather than having the ribbing pulled to its extreme as it was on my previous pair. I have pretty wide feet, so even though they’re on the small side length-wise (I wear a size 7 on my larger foot, and a size 6 on my smaller foot), it makes sense to go with the larger cast-on number. I also modified the Fleegle Heel in the pattern so that it had a slipped-stitch pattern; I just feel more confident that I’m not going to wear a hole in the heel with the added reinforcement.

I modified it to have a slipped-stitch pattern in the Fleegle heel.

So now I’ll knit the second sock! It’ll be a little smaller than this one – the same circumference, but a size shorter in the foot length. I always start with the bigger sock because that way I can be more confident that I won’t run out of yarn. The Exmoor Sock actually comes in small skeins, so that you use one skein per sock, and I have a decent amount leftover from the skein I used for this larger sock, so I know I’ll be fine (and I’ll end up with some leftovers of this amazing acid green to use in some other project!)


1 thought on “It’s a sock!”

  1. I love the Exmoor sock yarn! The colors are fabulous. Of course, I love all of the John Arbon yarns. I’m knitting a sweater out of his Appledore yarn currently.

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