Almost there…

I tried on my in-progress Musselburgh just to get a sense of where the stripes will hit when I fold up the brim, and it delighted my daughter SO much that she insisted on taking a picture of me like that. It cracks me up, too!

These stripes are just the best!

Considering that I just cast on a week ago, I’ve made pretty considerable progress on my Colourwheel Musselburgh hat. (Yes, you can take that as evidence for how badly I’ve needed the soothing power of stockinette-in-the-round this week.) This one isn’t going to be stolen by my kid – it’s for ME. The colors just GLOW and they’re exactly what I’ll need as the days grow darker and greyer.

Getting close to the end of this Musselburgh

This has been a pretty big week: my kid got her first COVID vaccine shot, I had my first chamber orchestra concert in two full years, and later today, I’ll be getting my COVID booster. I’m trying to rest as much as I can this weekend, because next week is going to be BRUTAL. There’s just no way around it, as a writing professor: if you don’t want to make your students work over Thanksgiving, then you’re giving yourself a giant pile of work to do over Thanksgiving in the form of paper feedback. And of course, my kid’s a Thanksgiving baby, and she’s turning 10 this year on Black Friday! I’m going to do my best to get work done on all of the days that aren’t Thursday and Friday this year, but gosh, with 4 classes worth of papers, it’s just going to be a lot. (I did try to shift the deadline earlier in my upper-level class this year in hopes of keeping Thanksgiving week more manageable, but it was so very obvious that they needed the extra time. This semester has been such a struggle for all of us, faculty and students alike.)

After this, there’s just a week and half to go before classes end, and the portfolio grading begins. We’re almost to the finish line. I’m gonna need more stockinette in the round.


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