A new hat

I finished the Musselburgh hat from Gauge Dyeworks “White Light” yarn this morning during Zoom church, and my daughter immediately tried it on and y’all, it’s so great on her that I might just give it to her!

Pattern: Musselburgh, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Gauge Dyeworks Shawl in “White Light”
Needles: Size 1.5 Chiaogoo Red Lace 40″ circular (magic loop)
Time to knit: About one month

Finished Musselburgh hat in Gauge Dyeworks "White Light"

Isn’t it so cute on my kid? And aw, look, she loves that Sleepy Kitten that I knit her so much that she carries him everywhere. I still need to knit Sleepy Kitten’s sister, but I just haven’t had the mental space to do anything fiddly like that. Maybe over Winter Break.

Finished Musselburgh hat in Gauge Dyeworks "White Light"

The neat thing about the Gauge Dyeworks Shawl skeins is that they’re designed for making striped triangular shawls, so the length of each color repeat gets longer and longer and longer as you knit. On Musselburgh, this mean that the first few stripes were about even (because I was increasing at a rate similar to the rate you’d increase for a triangle shawl), but once I stopped increasing, each color stripe got about 1 round longer.

Musselburgh Hat in Gauge Dyeworks Shawl "White Light"

I think the side with the skinnier stripes (which is what I’m wearing above) is my favorite. But the side with wide stripes is nice, too:

Musselburgh Hat in Gauge Dyeworks Shawl "White Light" (wide stripes side)

I’ve been jokingly calling this my “stress management” project, because simple soothing stockinette is exactly what I need to keep my hands busy and my mind calm(er) when I’m stretched as thin as I currently am. But alas, finishing the project does not mean that I’m done with feeling stressed; we’re actually just now heading into what is always the most stressful part of the semester, when I end up spending Thanksgiving week (which is also my kid’s birthday week) drowning in research paper drafts that need feedback. The good news is, I have another ball of Gauge Dyeworks yarn to play with:

Already planning for another Gauge Dyeworks Musselburgh

I was able to snag a skein of the “Colourwheel” yarn, and I’m super excited to see how this knits up. I’m going to knit it on slightly bigger needles than the one I just finished; part of why I’m leaning towards giving the hat to my kid is that it turned out a bit snug on me (not uncomfortably so, but definitely hair-squishingly so). I tend to prefer sock yarn knit firmly, but I think that with the hat being double-layered, I can get away with having a looser gauge.

I’m grateful to Ysolda for the wonderful pattern, to Gauge Dyeworks for the amazing yarn, and to my friend Cara who started this whole thing!


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