Yet another Demeter Dress

So far, it’s been two weeks of teaching every day in a mask and worrying that I’m being exposed to COVID by my students, who are all lovely people but who are not amazing at wearing their masks properly, and worrying that I’m going to bring it home to my kid, who starts school later this week and thus might have her own exposure vectors to worry about. I’m *exhausted*. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have the challenge of teaching back-to-back, and though I at least get a lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I also have the challenge of trying to teach simultaneously in person and over Zoom (with horrendous campus wi-fi) to the students who still haven’t made it here from overseas due to travel challenges. Fridays are pretty straightforward, at least – just one short class to teach, though Fridays are going to get complicated soon with the start of violin lessons for my daughter and orchestra rehearsals for me. I’ve never been quite so excited about a three-day weekend early in the semester as I was this time around.

New dress! Another Demeter Dress, this time in ikat.

I’ve been sewing on this new Demeter dress in bits and pieces over the last few weeks, but I finally got to finish it today, and I think I’ll wear it to campus tomorrow! It looks nice with a grey cardigan, but I think it’ll actually look nice with just about ANY of my bright colored cardigans – that’s a nice thing about black! The fabric is an ikat that I got from fabric.com and I really really like it; I think I prefer sewing with yarn-dyed fabrics like ikats and the kaleidoscope fabrics I’ve used for my Cleo skirts, ones that don’t have a right or wrong side.

Awkwardly trying to show that I've knit half of Vita de Vie

The other project I’ve been working on is my Vita de Vie. I actually got a decent amount of knitting done on it on the first couple days of classes, because in our first-year classes (of which I’m teaching 3; my fourth class is my upper-level class on cognition and writing), we always do a 30 minute writing activity on the first day of class, so I keep myself busy and quiet by having knitting with me. I’ve now finished the right side, and have moved on to starting the left side:

Onto the second half of Vita de Vie

I have no idea what to expect from this week. We’ll get just a taste of what our schedule is like with our daughter in school, though she doesn’t start until Thursday. I have so many worries about in-person school for kids like mine who are under 12 and thus an entirely unvaccinated population. I can only hope that the precautions her school is taking are sufficient. (I don’t actually think they are, but they’re better than what many schools are doing. My university’s precautions are also insufficient. It all just sucks.) And hope that I can somehow make it all the way through the next 14 weeks given how exhausted I already am. But I will say that wearing my handmade clothes, which I’ve done every single on-campus day so far this semester, brings me a burst of joy, and I’ll take joy wherever I can get it right now.


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