“Late Bloomer” sweater is FINISHED!

Here’s the project that produced the ends I showed in my last post (and there were many, many more where those came from!). My “Late Bloomer” sweater, so named because it was inspired by the “Late Bloomer” mittens pattern from the “Intricate” issue of Making Magazine.

Pattern: I made it up! I basically used the “SM” size numbers from the “Strange Brew” book as a guide/sanity check, and I distributed bobbles semi-randomly. I followed the instructions for embroidery from the “Late Bloomer” mittens pattern.
Yarn: Some old Rowan tweed yarn from my stash (I can’t find a yarn label so I don’t know what it was called!) paired with Knitpicks Aloft in “Tarragon”
Needles: Size 6

"Late Bloomer" sweater is complete!

I couldn’t be any more thrilled with how it turned out! I started out with my beloved folded 1×1 rib neckline, and then I began the bobbling. I was a bit anxious, because I created the bobbles that are at the center of each flower without knowing exactly how the spacing would end up looking once I embroidered around them, but I think it looks fantastic. I especially love that I added flower clusters at the wrists and around the split bottom hem, at the hips.

"Late Bloomer" sweater is finished!
Flowery wrists!
"Late Bloomer" sweater - hip detail
Flowery hips!

The sweater is exactly what I dreamed of when I first saw those mittens on the cover of Making Magazine! I was hoping to have the flowers feel more closely packed together at the top of the yoke, and then more spread out, almost like they were falling, as you move down the sweater, and I think I managed to pull that off!

"Late Bloomer" sweater is finished!

I knew it would be a labor of love, and it was…every single one of those flowers took somewhere between 2-5 minutes to embroider and weave in ends, and there are a LOT of flowers. I actually haven’t counted! I love the way the mohair catches the sunlight…

"Late Bloomer" sweater is finished!

It’s obviously WAY too warm to wear a mohair-based sweater right now, but it is going to be an absolutely glorious addition to my cold-weather wardrobe! For now, enjoy the look of “sweater plus shorts” :)

"Late Bloomer" sweater is finished!

Hooray for a beautiful new sweater!


4 thoughts on ““Late Bloomer” sweater is FINISHED!”

  1. This is so pretty! (If I had the heart eyes emoji on here, I would definitely be using it!) It looks much like I pictured it when you first described it too, so I’m thrilled that it worked out and that you’re thrilled with it.

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